Peterborough residents who have suffered delayed healthcare due to the pandemic urged to respond to survey

Residents in Peterborough that have had their healthcare disrupted due to the pandemic have been asked to a survey by Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough want to hear your experiences.
Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough want to hear your experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people having their operations, treatment and appointments cancelled or delayed.

The NHS had to postpone non-urgent elective care treatment when the pandemic hit and while this helped medical staff respond to the crisis, there is now a large backlog of people waiting for treatment. 

The latest data shows that the number of people waiting for routine operations and procedures in England is at its highest level since 2007 – currently 5.45 million.

Healthwatch wants to know how Peterborough people and your loved ones have been affected and how you are coping.

It also wants to hear if you are getting the advice, information and support you need to manage your health while you wait.

If you need hospital treatment, you should be kept informed about the dates of your treatment and where you are on the waiting list.

The independent healthcare champions then plan to present these experiences to the decision makers themselves to drive improvement for residents across the region.

A spokesperson for Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough said: “It’s vital that decision makers hear your experience of waiting for care as a result of the pandemic and the subsequent backlog.

“Whether it’s gynaecological surgery, a knee replacement or a biopsy you’re waiting for, if you’ve got a good or bad story to tell, Healthwatch wants to hear it.

“What you say is confidential and will help the NHS give better support to people waiting for treatment like you.

“Take part in the online survey at and share your experience of waiting for care.

If you are not online, you can get in touch via phone on 0330 355 1285, text on 0752 0635 176 or at via email at [email protected]

“Some of the responses we have had so far include: ‘Have been referred to (physiotherapy) by GP for osteo-arthritis, had to complete

a self-referral form, received an email acknowledgement but no indication of how long I would have to wait for an appointment/consultation.”

‘Waited 4 months for an endoscopy. Booking line is fantastic at sorting issues out though, brilliant patient care.”

“Hospital appointments have been cancelled and I am still awaiting clarification as to whether my on-going treatment will be re-started or whether I am dispensable (or indeed disposable).”

‘Waiting times were terrible. Once seen they moved very fast. They provided a step by step explanation of everything. Aftercare was great too - I received regular emails on how to care for fracture and exercises. – physio patient

‘I was referred for a heart monitor. The worrying factor is that when I enquired about the waiting time, which may be one year, I was told that I hadn’t made it onto the waiting list yet by the Cardiology department. They said they would let me know when I had.’”