Peterborough nursery worker’s bid to help those struggling with mental health issues

Leonie BuddLeonie Budd
Leonie Budd

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A Dogsthorpe woman has created a Facebook space for anyone struggling with any issues to be able to air their feelings anonymously.

Leonie Budd (29), who usually works in a nursery but is currently on sick leave for her own mental health, has created the page Your Story for anyone to share how they are feeling.

The ‘diary-like’ page means people can submit their stories to share for support from others. Leonie only asks that others remain kind in their responses.

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She said: “I wanted somewhere where people can share their stories, fears and worries anonymously and get impartial advice and support from others who may relate.

“So the concept is for others to send anything that is weighing them down: anything from mental health, a bad day, parenting, relationships, your past or anything. The page is then your voice, so there may be other people who can relate to your diary entry or offer impartial advice.”

Leonie, who has suffered with her mental health herself with having PTSD and depression, said she empathises with those who struggle to speak out.

She said: “I know how hard it is for people to speak out and not feel a burden as I have felt that, so I wanted to help people and let people have a safe space to talk anonymously.

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“It is somewhere where they can share their stories, thoughts and feelings, and have a voice, plus there may be others who are able to relate and know they are not alone; somewhere where they can get impartial advice and support.”

Amazed by the response, Leonie has already received dozens of emails and posted a few stories so far. These vary on topics from infidelity and parent-loss to invisible illnesses and self-harm.

Leonie said: “People have mentioned how it has been amazing and it’s really helped them to have somewhere to write their thoughts and stories down.

“A lot of people have also said how they wish this was about sooner. I’m so overwhelmed with everyone’s support and didn’t expect it to take off like it has. I’m just so grateful.”

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Having always wanted to help but unsure how, Leonie got the boost she needed to create the online space from a Tarot card reading.

She said: “I had a reading a couple of months ago and a card came out saying I have a voice and I will use that to help others going through similar situations. It made me think a lot more about how I could do it.

“I came up with this idea about four weeks ago and spoke about it with a close friend who said it was an amazing idea. It’s not professional advice, just somewhere for people to vent.”

To join the page or submit an entry go to or email on: [email protected].

If you require immediate mental health support contact 111 and select option 2.