Mum of three warns people to be vigilant after being hospitalised by spider bite

Crystal Rudd was forced to have surgery after a False widow spider bite.
Crystal (left) and her left index finger just before her surgery.Crystal (left) and her left index finger just before her surgery.
Crystal (left) and her left index finger just before her surgery.

A mum of three from Spalding has shared her story after being forced to have surgery on what appeared to be just a spot but turned out to be a False widow spider bite.

Crystal Rudd (28) has said that the bite left her in excruciating pain and fearing she could lose her finger.

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She first noticed what looked like a spot on the side of her left index finger early in the morning on Saturday March 1.

She was told by the NHS out-of-hours service that it was a suspected horsefly bite and was prescribed antibiotics, an antihistamine and a steroid cream.

"The pain began to become excruciating though,” Crystal explained.

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"It began to grow bigger and bigger and the pain started to spread as high as my elbow.

"I was prescribed stronger antibiotics but by the following Saturday, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t bend my knuckles properly and it was too painful to look after my children.

"I had to ask my eldest- who is eight- to help me get dressed because I couldn’t move my hand.”

On Sunday (April 2), Crystal was taken by her husband to Peterborough City Hospital as the pain grew, hoping to be back home quickly given the time of day.

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As it turned out, she was told by a nurse that she could go home but after feeling that something was seriously wrong, asked for a second opinion and once seen by a doctor, was admitted for surgery.

It was at this point, she was told that she had been bitten by a False widow spider. The news caused alarm for Crystal- who has a phobia of spiders anyway- given the fact that her stepfather was also bitten by a False widow, on his leg, in January.

This prompted a deep clean of the family’s home.

"The pain was right up to my elbow. It felt like my finger was going to explode. I couldn’t use my left hand.

“I’m feeling much better now though but it is frustrating that I won’t be able to go to the gym or do Aquafit for at least three weeks.

"My message to everyone would be to be vigilant.”