Vaccine take up rates remain lower than the UK average in Peterborough

The eight Peterborough neighbourhoods where less than half are fully vaccinated

More than half of adults in eight Peterborough neighbourhoods have still not been fully vaccinated, new statistics reveal.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 5:00 am

Of the 22 neighbourhoods in the city, only four have seen a vaccination rate (for second doses) of more than 71 per cent - the current rate across the UK.

Two Peterborough neighbourhoods - Peterborough Central and Millfield & Bourges Boulevard - have populations where less than half have even had one dose.

Overall, 68 per cent of people in Peterborough have had at least one dose, while 52 per cent have had both doses. The city is closing in on the 100,000th person to get their second dose, with the figure now standing at 98,527.

A total of 129,334 have had at least one dose in the city.

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