Peterborough: First dose: 67.1 per cent Second dose: 60.9 per cent

The 12 Peterborough neighbourhoods where less than 70 per cent of residents have been double jabbed

More than half of Peterborough neighbourhoods have seen less than 70 per cent of residents double jabbed.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 4:59 am

Government figures show that just 60.8 per cent of people aged 12 and over in the city have had both doses of COVID vaccination - compared to 79.9 per cent across the UK as a whole.

Of the 22 neighbourhoods in the city, just nine have a vaccination rate over 70 - and just three have a rate above the UK rate.

Peterborough’s COVID rate has dipped below 400 for the first time since September. The rate now stands at 379.5 cases per 100,000 people - however, this is still above the UK rate of 356.1.

The number of people in North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust hospitals has also fallen from a high of 107 at the start of November to 88.

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