It has been a year since Peterborough - and the rest of the country - was put into lockdown

Peterborough’s year of COVID in pictures

Peterborough residents have been through a lot since the first COVID lockdown, which was announced a year ago today.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 4:00 pm

The first lockdown saw businesses shut, and the city centre emptied as people stayed at home.

Residents were urged to get tested if they showed any symptoms of the virus - and as hospitals filled up, and carers and other frontline workers were pushed to their limits, there were shows of unity on Thursday evenings as residents stood and clapped for those key workers.

The summer brought hope as cases fell, allowing people to enjoy a drink and a meal in pubs and restaurants, and a face to face catch up with friends and family, away from the computer screen and Zoom calls.

But as autumn and winter arrived, cases in the city soared again, and a second lockdown in November was followed by a third in December as the city was placed in the highest tier - meaning families were told not to meet up at Christmas.

However, as cased rose, there was hope, as the national vaccine roll out began, and in just a few months thousands of people have now received the jab.

Restrictions are set to be slowly lifted in the coming months, as it is hoped life can return to some sort of normality soon.

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