Peterborough residents urged to continue to work from home despite Boris Johnson’s COVID announcement

Peterborough residents are being urged to continue to work from home to try and drive COVID rates in the city down - despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing the end of COVID restrictions at a press conference yesterday.

By Stephen Briggs
Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 9:43 am

People will no longer be required by law to self isolate if they test positive from Thursday - although national guidance is for people to continue to do so.

The national testing programme is also being scaled back.

But today, health chiefs in Peterborough urged residents to continue to take precautions, as despite falling rapidly in recent days and weeks, the city’s COVID case rate remains above the rates for both the UK and England.

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Jyoti Atri, director of public health at Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council, said: “It has been a long and painful two years, so it is only right that after all the sacrifices made people make the most of the spring and summer months.

“At the moment, due to the vaccine, Covid is not causing the level of harm that we have seen with previous waves, although it is still a risk to vulnerable people and we need to be prepared if this situation changes due to immunity waning or a new and dangerous variant.”

Cllr Irene Walsh, cabinet member for adult social care, health and public health at Peterborough City Council, said: “It is encouraging that we are now in a position to end Covid restrictions, but we must all respect each other’s feelings as to how they live their lives, for instance whether they choose to continue wearing masks.

“Seeing the way Peterborough’s communities have come together during the pandemic has been inspiring, and I would urge take-up of the vaccine and booster as this remains the best way for people to stay healthy. We may be in a position to live with Covid, but the virus has not gone away and could be a threat to our health.”

The health chiefs in the city outlined a list of simple and easy to follow measures to help keep everyone as safe as possible from catching the virus and potentially becomingly seriously ill.

The measures include:

Avoid going to the workplace (work from home if possible), and avoid meeting other people if you have symptoms

Please continue testing over the next month as case rates are high in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough especially if you are visiting vulnerable people or have symptoms

Making sure indoor spaces are well ventilated (for example, by opening a window) and that there is an efficient flow of people in and out

Letting people know they can use face coverings or screens if that is what they wish to do

Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser which will help combat the spread of Covid as well as other infections

Continuing regular cleaning of surfaces

Getting two doses of a Covid vaccine, and the booster.

Further information on the Government announcement can be found here

Anyone yet to get both doses of a Covid vaccine, or their booster, can find out where they can jabbed at: