Peterborough primary school thanks city based firm for computer donations

Staff at a Peterborough primary school have thanked a city firm for cash to improve IT equipment.
Mark BailieMark Bailie
Mark Bailie

Old Fletton Primary school were one of the 60 Peterborough schools in receipt of £1,500 to support remote learners during the national lockdown as part of the BGL4Schools campaign.

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This donation has allowed Old Fletton Primary School to purchase four additional iPads for their pupils after already having loaned all of the devices provided by the Department of Education. These devices will help children throughout the year access online catch-up programmes.

Access to these devices is vital as those children without access to a laptop, or similar device, at home are at high risk of falling behind in their educational and personal development.

BGL has donated £285,000 via its BGL4Schools campaign to help schools struggling to purchase and supply the needed technology to support remote learning. In total, 191 schools applied for funding and each received a £1,500 grant.

Mrs Levy, Headteacher of Old Fletton Primary School, said: “It is great to see a local company helping local children. The children at our school will benefit greatly from the money donated from BGL.”

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Cllr Lynne Ayres, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education, Skills, and the University, said: “Children’s education is a priority to us all, and currently there is a serious need for disadvantaged children in our schools to have access to the appropriate devices to allow them to participate in remote learning.

“It is wonderful to see local business support our local schools in this difficult time. Their donations and efforts are greatly appreciated and is a helpful step in offering children and young people the support they need.”

Mark Bailie, Chief Executive Officer of Peterborough-based BGL Group said: “Schools are in an impossible situation trying to home-school and teach vulnerable children and those of key workers. Meanwhile they have increasing pressure on their budgets.

“We are grateful for everything teachers are doing right now and they need as much support as possible. With the likelihood that an element of home-schooling - as much as home working - will become a standard part of life for the foreseeable, the digital capability of our children is something we all should support.”