Peterborough: 1st dose: 69.6%. Second dose: 63.4%

Every Peterborough neighbourhood’s vaccination rate after health bosses made ‘urgent plea’ for residents to get the jab

Peterborough’s COVID vaccination rate remains much lower than the national rate in almost every area of the city despite pleas for residents to get the jab.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 4:45 am

For residents aged 12 and over, just 69.6 per cent have had one jab, while 63.4 have had two doses in Peterborough. Across the UK as a whole, 85.3 per cent have had one dose, and 78.4 per cent have had both doses.

Only five out of 22 Peterborough neighbourhoods have a second dose take up rate higher than the national rate.

Yesterday health bosses urged unvaccinated residents to get the jab to help protect vulnerable residents.

Secondary schools have also been advised to re-introduce social distancing and mask wearing to tackle increasing COVID rates.

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