Coronavirus: Peterborough venues to be offered thermometers for under 30s #CancelCovid Campaign

Venues in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire are to be offered thermometers as part of the county’s #CancelCovid Campaign to target the under 30s.

The thermometers are being bought with part of the dedicated funding Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council receive for test and trace activities and will be rolled out on a “first come first serve basis,” beginning later this month.

A spokeswoman on behalf of both councils said: “They will be part of the next iteration of the #CancelCovid Campaign - they will be supporting part of the campaign which aims to highlight the symptoms and the need for self-isolation while people are getting tested and waiting for the results.

“Once they are sourced (with the help of public health colleagues) we plan to make a number available on a first come first serve basis for venues or establishments which particularly cater to people in our target age group who don’t already do this (a number already do).

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“We plan to roll them out during October and November.”

The campaign is targeted at under 30s who across the country are catching and spreading the virus.