Schools going the extra mile to help vulnerable pupils

Schools in the region are going the extra mile to ensure vulnerable children can still attend class.

William de Yaxley School
William de Yaxley School

Staff at Cavalry Primary School in March have worked with the local authority to continue supporting pupils who are particularly vulnerable, whilst the option of moving them to a more specialist setting is explored.

William de Yaxley Church of England Academy in Yaxley, part of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, have also opened their doors to support vulnerable students who don’t currently attend the school.

With the agreement of the Academy Trust, staff offered to educate students who would otherwise be supported at a school entirely unfamiliar to them during the outbreak, to ensure that they could keep on learning in a place that is familiar.

Graeme Hull, SEN Casework Officer at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “It’s so important that vulnerable children and those with additional needs are not forgotten. Cavalry Primary and William de Yaxley have shown what can be achieved if we work together at what is a challenging time for all of us. The Statutory Assessment Team is really proud of the support that they, and all the local authority schools, are providing to children with additional needs. I have to pay credit to these schools, and others who are thinking outside the box to ensure our children have a level of continuity during these difficult times.”