Peterborough school's e-safety innovation

Sawtry Village Academy takes new and innovative approach to e-safetySawtry Village Academy takes new and innovative approach to e-safety
Sawtry Village Academy takes new and innovative approach to e-safety
Sixteen students from Peterborough's Sawtry Village Academy are set to become 'digital leaders' after joining an innovative new internet safety programme run by UK charity, Childnet International.

The students will join an online community, where they will be able to access training and support from Childnet’s team, record achievements, and collaborate and share inspiration with other schools across the UK.

Supported by Facebook and the European Union, the programme provides Sawtry Village Academy students with the opportunity to engage with leading technology companies, and have a say in creating a better internet for the future.

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The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme launched in 2015 and aims to empower young people to champion digital citizenship and creativity within their schools. The programme also encourages students to educate their peers, parents and teachers about staying safe online.

Sharon Boyles, ICT teacher and e-safety lead, said: “We have signed up to the programme to put our students at the heart of our school’s approach to e-safety. We know this is important and Childnet have given us an opportunity to try something new.”

In 2014, UK school inspectors set out that outstanding e-safety practice in schools involves the involvement and leadership of young people. Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet, said: “This year Childnet turns 20 and we’re excited to be launching a new youth programme, which will help build a new approach to e-safety, putting young people at the heart of the solution.

“We have been piloting this programme over the last year, with support from Facebook, and the impact of the programme is clear - from safer online behaviours of students to the involvement of young people in developing e-safety policies and wider.”