Peterborough primary school awarded flagship status for quality of tutoring

A Peterborough primary school has been awarded flagship status for the quality of its tutoring.

Friday, 17th December 2021, 4:46 pm
Success for All flagship school presentation at The Discovery Primary School with Mike Sandeman (CEO Four Cs Trust), Mike Shephard (director of SFA), Mike Fischer (owner of Fischer Family Trust), Head Teacher Michelle Sieguien and SFA lead Louise Chapman.

Discovery Primary Academy is now one of a select few schools in the country to receive ‘Flagship’ status from Success for All and the Fischer Family Trust.

This honour was given to the Head teacher Michelle Siequien and Assistant Head Louise Chapman by Mike Fischer CBE in recognition of the impact of their work in supporting all of their children, particularly in the first few years of education. The school has played an active role in supporting its pupils, from which over 30 different languages are spoken.

The school has described the award as a real boost to the academy and the community. It has recognised the impact of the Success For All program (SFA), in particular the Tutoring and Phonics which has further supported the academy in maintaining and improving academic standards, especially in times of real need for all schools.

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This high level of achievement by the staff and children of the academy has been developed over several years and the whole learning community has played its part in producing an academy where children feel supported, cared for and have the right learning environment for them to achieve.

The Head teacher of the academy, Michelle Siequien, has spoken of her pride in the children and staff after receiving the award. She said: “We are delighted to now be a Flagship Academy for SFA. The commitment and hard work from staff and pupils over the last few years has been recognised with this award and we look forward to continuing with the success of this program.”

Michael Shepherd, Director of the Literacy Charity Success for All, also recognised that this could be

a real turning point for Primary schools in Peterborough. He added: “Discovery Primary Academy highlights the impact that a highly effective literacy program with built in Tutoring and Phonics can have in supporting children to catch up during these challenging times. We all hope that this will now be taken up by other schools across Peterborough to ensure that we raise the attainment of all children in the area and in doing so create better life opportunities for them all.”

Mike Sandeman, CEO of the Four Cs Multi-Academy Trust, said: “Given the excellent work the team at Discovery Primary Academy are undertaking to ensure the correct progress in literacy for all children, it is to be hoped that national government recognise what is being provided here and look to spread the knowledge and expertise wider”.