GCSE Results Day: Students across Peterborough learn what grades they have achieved

GCSE students from The Peterborough School celebrate their results in 2022.GCSE students from The Peterborough School celebrate their results in 2022.
GCSE students from The Peterborough School celebrate their results in 2022.
Live coverage from every school as students in Peterborough receive their results

This morning, thousands of students will be finding out their GCSE results and the Peterborough Telegraph will be bringing you coverage from across all of the schools.

Follow all of the results and reaction on the PT live blog below.

LIVE: GCSE results as they happen across Peterborough

Greater Peterborough UTC have ‘pride in the efforts of their students.’

The top performers:

Sage Howard, Dip Kaur, Jan Kowalik, Frankie Newbatt, Mia Thatcher and Joshua White.


“We are pleased that the school is again seeing a positive set of GCSE results from our fantastic students here at GPUTC.

“Despite everything they have had to cope with, children across the ability range have made great progress with many examples of high achievement.

The students who open their results today will go on to do great things.

“I would personally like to congratulate all of them on their achievements, as well as thanking my dedicated teaching and support staff for their unwavering dedication, hard work, and commitment to the students. We also can’t forget the amazing parental support that so many have needed over the last three years.

“With all the pressures that our students have felt themselves under, the GPUTC community has once again risen to the challenge. 

“Congratulations to everyone in Year 11, not only at GPUTC but throughout the Greater Peterborough area - we wish all Peterborough students the very best of luck in their chosen paths as they take their next steps, be that in our state- of-the-art 6th form provision or wherever their journey takes them.”

David Bisley, Principal

“We are so proud of our students’ achievements.

“They have had a challenging time since starting their secondary school education due to the disruption of Covid-19, and they have show so much resilience, dedication and commitment to secure their best results.

“We wish them the very best and look forward to many returning to complete their post-16 qualifications in September.”

Lee Mawby, Vice Principal of Greater Peterborough UTC

Ken Stimpson Community School shows ‘real sense of pride'

Ken Stimpson Community School 2023 high achievers:

  • Amelia Demkiewicz (x4 Grade 9, x3 Grade 8, x3 Grade 7, x1 Grade 6)
  • Alisha Mazumder (x2 Grade 9, x2 Grade 8, x1 L2Dist*, x2 Grade 7, x2 Grade 6)
  • Finley Eze (x2 Grade 9, x2 Grade 7, x5 Grade 6, x1 Grade 5)
  • Emily Barfield (x4 Grade 8, x1 Grade 7, x3 L2Dist, x1 Grade 6)
  • Alice Sawka (x1 Grade 9, x3 Grade 7, x4 Grade 6, x1 Grade 5, x1 L2Merit)
  • Paige Pitney-Baxter (x1 Grade 8, x2 Grade 7, x1 L2Dist, x6 Grade 6)
  • Jamie Johnson (x2 Grade 8, x3 Grade 7, x1 Grade 6, x2 Grade 5, x2 Grade 4)
Ken Stimpson students buzzing with their results.Ken Stimpson students buzzing with their results.
Ken Stimpson students buzzing with their results. | Ken Stimpson students buzzing with their results.

GCSE results day is a huge moment in every student’s educational journey.

For this cohort they have experienced so many challenges from the pandemic, to home schooling and virtual lessons.

This year’s adjustment to the grade boundaries, the final challenge for them.

Despite these difficulties, this morning there was a real sense of pride and achievement.

Our students have secured some remarkable results and now progress onto the next exciting stage in their lives.

The grade on that exam slip marks the end of this chapter, but immediately opens a new one.

That means opportunities in whichever direction you take.

For those of you returning, we can’t wait to welcome you back. If your choices take you in a different direction, we wish you every success for the future.

Damien Whales, headteacher

Abbey College proud of ‘remarkable' GCSE achievements

Students and staff at Abbey College are glowing with pride after receiving their GCSE results today, according to teachers.

“We are incredibly proud of our students for their dedication and perseverance leading up to their outstanding results today.

“While the exams were sat under more usual conditions, we must not forget the significant disruption these students have faced during their secondary education. After completing Year 7, the pandemic forced most students to complete their learning away from schools as the country battled the challenges of COVID-19.

“These are truly remarkable results, especially given this context, and are a testament to the hard work they have put in over the past few years. We look forward to seeing many of them returning to our brand new Sixth Form, Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form, in September.

“The tireless efforts of our excellent teaching and support staff should also be recognised. They have all worked above and beyond to help students secure these excellent results.”

Andy Christoforou, headteacher

Strong results were secured across the whole curriculum, including GCSEs in Maths, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, French, Art, and Physical Education.

Vocational courses in Music and Business Studies also secured high grades, with an average grade of a Distinction.

Individual successes at Abbey College include:

  • Annabelle McCabe achieved 9 Grade 9s and 3 Grade 8s. 
  • Taylor Foss achieved five Grade 9s and 4 Grade 8s, as well as a Level 2 Distinction.
  • Travis Lindsay achieved 6 Grade 9s and 3 Grade 8s, as well as a Level 2 Distinction* and a Level 2 Distinction. 
  • Tom Waterworth achieved four Grade 7s, alongside a Level 2 Distinction and 5 Grade 6s, whilst competing in the British Schools Championship where he won two Gold medals at middle distance, one at 800m and one in the 4x400m relay. Tom is the English Schools Champion and has also been selected to represent England in the Schools International Athletics Board (SIAB).

Tom WaterworthTom Waterworth
Tom Waterworth | Tom Waterworth

Students at Nene Park Academy, part of Meridian Trust, are celebrating their achievements this GCSE results day.

The academy has seen many individual successes this year. Top performer, Rebecca Au, was awarded nine grade 9s, one grade 8, and one grade 7.

Amy Berry received five grade 9s, three grade 6s, and one grade 5, further shining as the academy’s highest performer in

English Literature. Nicole Celary attained two grade 9s, three grade 8s, three grade 7s, a Distinction*, and a grade 6.

Further congratulations go to Matthew McLoughlin who was awarded one grade 9, eight grade 8s, and one grade 5.

Lucy Dangerfield attained one grade 9, six grade 8s, two grade7s and one grade 6. William Ellard achieved one grade 9, four grade 8s, and three grade 5s, and Victor Baynes was awarded four 8 grades, four grade 7s, a Distinction*, and a grade 6.

The academy has also seen fantastic progress from Abraham Akoro, who achieved the best individual progress score in the academy, and Leon Tiffin-Gearing, who attained on average at least two grades above targets.

Oliver Browne also accomplished the academy’s highest Combined Science grade and Jasmin Akinsola, one of the academy’s top- performing students in Polish and Sociology, achieved on average at least two grades above targets.


“We are incredibly proud of our students’ accomplishments, and are particularly pleased with subject results in Maths, Biology, Art, Languages, and all technical subjects.

“With the anticipated return this year to grade boundaries in line with 2019, we are delighted to see another improvement in results, with a positive progress picture overall.

“We hope all our students can feel significantly proud of themselves, particularly considering the disruption that they have experienced during these crucial years of their secondary education.”

“We look forward to welcoming the vast majority of students into our Sixth Form next year and wish those who are moving on to apprenticeships and alternative providers, the very best of luck in the future.

“Earlier this year, we officially opened our refurbished sixth form centre and we can’t wait to see what our students will go on to achieve in this exciting new learning environment, with opportunities to socialise, work or relax in an inspiring and unique space.”

Robin Grover, Principal

Stanground Academy

Stanground Academy has come together with pupils, families and staff to celebrate pupils’ achievements as they receive their GCSE grades today.

The Academy is proud of and celebrating all pupils’ results and looks forward to welcoming back many pupils from this cohort who will progress onto A Levels at Stanground Academy.

Some individual highlights include:

Marco Simonov, who successfully achieved a grade 9 in all subjects he was entered for; science, English, maths, geography, German, business and statistics.

Richard Alabi, who achieved three grade 9s in chemistry, physics and maths. Four grade 8s in biology, English, French and further maths; and one grade 7 in statistics.

Emily Begg, who earned grade 8s in English, German, health and social care; and three 7s in history, maths and science.

Hannah Donald, who is celebrating a grade 9 in biology; three grade 8s in English, history and business; and two grade 7s in chemistry and maths.

Margherita Fabbri, who received two 9s in French and Italian; two 8s in business and performing arts; one grade 7 in English; three grade 6s in English literature and combined science; a grade 5 in maths; and a grade 4 in statistics. Margherita also made the most progress in her year group, achieving three grades higher than her peers nationally.

Callum Fletcher, who achieved outstanding grades in all of his subjects, most notable a grade 8 in maths. Callum is also in the top three for his year group for progress, achieving on average two and a half grades better than his peers nationally.

Oskar Kacprzyk, who earned two grade 9s in maths, Polish and combined science; three grade 8s in English, maths and combined science; a grade 7 in computer science; and two grade 6s in history and statistics.

Ahmed Karim Kauser, who is celebrating two grade 9s in maths and Spanish; three 8s in chemistry, French and further maths; two 7s in biology and physics; a grade 6 in statistics; and a grade 4 in history.

Lucy Lonnen, who successfully achieved five grade 8s in chemistry, English, maths, business and performing arts; two 7s in biology and physics; two 6s in further maths and statistics.

Abby Molyneaux, who did exceptionally well in all her subjects with 8s in English literature and religious studies. Abby is also in the top three for her year group for progress, achieving on average two grades better than her peers nationally.

“I am proud of the pupils at Stanground Academy who have worked so hard to achieve these amazing results. We all know that GCSE examinations are difficult and that is why we are especially excited to celebrate the success of our pupils today. Alongside the pupils who achieved top grades we can also celebrate those pupils who have made exceptional progress since primary school – we are celebrating them all!“I would like to thank our pupils’ families and my wonderful colleagues who have supported these pupils to achieve their true potential. This outcome is a demonstration of how we are living our vision and values every day at Stanground Academy and look forward to continuing to support those returning for sixth form.”

Matthew Van Lier, Principal
Abby MolyneuxAbby Molyneux
Abby Molyneux | Stanground Academy
Ahmed Karim Ahmed Karim
Ahmed Karim | Stanground Academy
Hannah Donald with Ian Craig -Senior Assistant PrincipalHannah Donald with Ian Craig -Senior Assistant Principal
Hannah Donald with Ian Craig -Senior Assistant Principal | Stanground Academy

Arthur Mellows Village College

“Once again, the results achieved by the students in Year 11 this year are extremely pleasing and recognise the hard work that students have put into the studies over the duration of their courses.

“After many challenges over the last years we wish to acknowledge how incredibly proud we are of all of the students in Year 11 and look forward to seeing them go on to the next steps of their education of which a large number will be joining us in the Sixth Form.

“Whilst there were a large number of individual successes, special congratulations should go to our top performing student.”

Laura Pepper, for achieving 8 grade 9s, one grade 8 and two Distinction* grades.

The following students have also been given a special mention for thier achievements:

Marwah Ahmed, Jacob Lucas, Jaime Crookes, Rhea Mangat, Alfie Green, Amy Marsden, Melissa Guest, Lucy Munday, Noku Gwaze, Harry Norris, Sam Hutchinson, Grace Palmer, Lily Hutton-Smith, Abbi Peake, Diana Kisero, Daniel Roche, Alice Lamb and Caitlin Walls

“We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted period.

Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto the next stage of their education and study, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.”

Jonathan Oakley, Head of College,

Thomas Deacon Academy

Students at Thomas Deacon Academy, part of Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET), received an impressive set of GCSE results today, with many individual successes and achievements to celebrate.

Some stand-out student successes include:

Megan Ferris and Eunice Yu, who were both awarded seven Grade 9s and one Grade 8.

Wiktoria Apakitsa, who achieved six Grade 9s, a Grade 8 and a Grade 7.

Aiman Dad Azam, who attained five Grade 9s and three Grade 8s.

Ema Antanaviciute, who achieved four Grade 9s, three Grade 8s and a Grade 7.

Zulaikha Khan, who was awarded three Grade 9s and five Grade 8s.

“Our students have achieved brilliant results and we are so proud of them all. Many of our students have surpassed expectations and it is wonderful to celebrate this milestone day with them.

“It has been fantastic to see the development in our 2023 GCSE cohort over the past two years, with many progressing incredibly well from a range of different starting points.

Our academy character values include commitment, confidence and courage, and our students have certainly demonstrated all of these through their hard work over the duration of their courses.

“We are fortunate to have an effective working partnership between parents, staff and students which has enabled our students to thrive and reach their potential.”

Emily Gaunt, Acting Principal

A huge well done to all our GCSE students at Thomas Deacon Academy for an excellent set of results, and thank you to everyone who has nurtured and encouraged these students for their support and dedication in helping them achieve their aspirations.

We have an excellent Sixth Form at Thomas Deacon Academy and look forward to welcoming back the students in September who are continuing their education with us.

For those students who are departing, we would like to wish them every success for a bright and successful future.”

Scott Hudson, Chief Executive at TDET
Megan and Eunice were both awarded seven Grade 9s and one Grade 8Megan and Eunice were both awarded seven Grade 9s and one Grade 8
Megan and Eunice were both awarded seven Grade 9s and one Grade 8 | TDA

Students and staff at the King’s (The Cathedral) School are celebrating another outstanding set of GCSE examination results with 45% of all grades achieved at level 7-9 and 95% of all grades at 4-9.

The school, which is one of the highest performing in the region anticipates that over 80% of the year group will continue to study at the school and complete A Levels in their chosen subjects.

Tom Oldaker who achieved nine grade nines across his GCSE’s said, “I am incredibly pleased to have been blessed with the advantages of a wonderful School, and grateful to all of my teachers who have allowed me to fulfil my potential”

Excellent results do not come without a great deal of hard work and determination from both students and their dedicated staff.

We are proud of all our students and wish them the very best of luck for the next stage of their journey.

Headteacher, John Harrison

Iqra Academy are celebrating the success of their much-anticipated GCSE results.

This year, 100% of students achieved 5+ GCSE passes and 86% of students achieved 9+

passes including Zahra Habib who achieved all her GCSE passes at grade 7+, Kainat

Ahmadi and Aamina Ismail who achieved 9+ GCSE passes, all at grade 6+.

All students at Iqra Academy will go on to Further Education.

“We would like to say a huge congratulations to each and every one of our students who have achieved another excellent set of GCSE results this year.

Our students are dedicated to their studies and it is brilliant to see their hard work rewarded.

“Thank you also to our teachers, parents and staff who have supported our students throughout the year.

Thanks to them, our school remains one of the highest performing girls’ schools in the country, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Michael Wright, Principal