Peterborough brewery secures new canned drinks deal with Marks & Spencer

Oakham Ales' new canned variety of its Citra IPA.Oakham Ales' new canned variety of its Citra IPA.
Oakham Ales' new canned variety of its Citra IPA.
A Peterborough brewery has just secured a prestigious deal with a leading retailer.

Oakham Ales, of Maxwell Road, has been asked by Marks & Spencer to provide a canned version of the popular 4.9%ABV Citra IPA beer for sale in the retailer’s stores nationwide.

The 500ml can will be sold under the name of Single Variety American Hop Citra IPA.

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The new cans will sit alongside the bottled Citra that Oakham Ales has been producing for M&S since 2013.

The contract is the third major deal that Oakham Ales has secured in the last four months.

In December last year, Oakham agreed to supply the Co-op with four of its ales - JHB, Inferno Ale, Scarlet Macaw and Bishops Farewell.

That was followed by a deal with Gourmet Burger Kitchens in February this year to supply 80 outlets with its Citra golden ale and then pub giant Wetherspoon asked the city brewery to supply Green Devil IPA to its 900 pubs.

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Oakham Ales managing director Adrian Posnett said: “We are delighted to be working with M&S to offer all our customers their favourite way of enjoying a taste of Citra with its unique, award-winning flavours.

“We have worked hard to ensure the exclusive brew has all the keynotes of our popular brand, but is also offering a little bit more for the discerning drinker to savour.

“This is a fantastic new way for lovers of real ale to enjoy their favourite Oakham Ales brew thanks to a great deal between the brewery and M&S.”

Michael Wallis, M&S beer buyer, said: “We are delighted to be offering Citra IPA now in 500ml can, as well as 500ml bottle.

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“The Citra IPA by Oakham Ales has proved it is a popular choice with our customers, so whatever the preference we have it covered at M&S.”