Customer approval gives sparkle to innovative cleaning pods at Peters’ Cleaners in Peterborough

An award-winning laundry business says its is delighted customers have backed a new venture to make dry cleaning easier.

By Paul Grinnell
Sunday, 6th March 2022, 2:45 pm
Vicky Whiter at one of Peters' Cleaners automated cleaning pods.
Vicky Whiter at one of Peters' Cleaners automated cleaning pods.

Now Peters’ Cleaners have announced an automated domestic dry cleaning and laundry pods that were running on a trial period outisde Peterborough Train Station and at the Serpentine Green shopping centre at Hampton will remain in place.

Vicky Whiter, managing director of Peters’ Cleaners, said: “We have been delighted by the success of the pods.

“Our aim is to always place convenience at the forefront of everything we do, and the new drop-off and collection points are simple to use as well as ideally located for commuters and shoppers in Peterborough.”

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More than 450 customers signed-up to use the pods that are unique to Peters’ Cleaners in a UK dry cleaning market worth about £1 billion with £250 million of that from domestic dry cleaning. Vicky said: “Sadly, a lot of cleaning companies didn’t survive the pandemic. It made us think about how we could provide a better, more convenient way for people to access specialist cleaning services.

“The concept of the pods has proven a huge success with the community in and around Peterborough.

“The fact the pods are contactless means that even those who are cautious about covid can use them without feeling anxious.”

She said: “While we still have two shops in the area for those who want a more personal service, the pods offer convenience and speed for those in a rush or in need an out-of-hours service.

Peters' Cleaners.

“Dropping off your cleaning at the pods takes just three seconds – trust me, we timed it.”

Helen Facer, who has been a customer of Peters’ Cleaners for several years and is a regular pod user, said: “I use the pods once a fortnight for general laundry as well as delicate tops and dresses that need a specialist touch.

“It fits easily into my schedule due to the convenience of being available outside of normal working hours. The pods are easy to use and the service is efficient as well as being of a high standard.

“Having my credit card linked to my account also makes paying seamless.”

Peters' Cleaners.

Due to the success of the pods in Peterborough, Peters’ Cleaners is now looking to roll out the idea across the region.


Vicky Whiter, founder of Peters' Cleaners.