Dare you enter Frankenstein’s lab?

Hallowe’en might be over, but this year Peterborough Mask Theatre is continuing the frightening festivities into November with its new production of Frankenstein at the Undercroft in Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, Hampton, next week.

Monday, 8th November 2021, 12:04 pm
Mask Theatre bring you Frankenstein
Mask Theatre bring you Frankenstein

The play, which was first performed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller at the National Theatre is a creepy, heartwrenching glimpse into the mind of a genius. Victor Frankenstein creates life, but who is really the monster here? Is it the scientist or his grisly creation?

There have been many adaptations of Mary Shelley’s story over the years, from square- headed, green-faced creatures to mad professors creating life with lightning bolts, but this one gives the Creature a voice, and sees him develop. Removed from his creator, Victor’s Creature learns how to fend for himself, and to read and write. Cast out from society because of how he looks, he pursues Frankenstein and makes one simple request.

Spanning several continents, from Switzerland to the Orkneys on to the Polar region, the piece gave director Sandra Birnie a real challenge. Sandra said: “We decided to strip the performance space right back and use minimal set. Instead we use the ever-present chorus, live sound effects, chilling soundtrack and atmospheric lighting to transport the audience across the miles that the Creature travels.

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“As the Creature develops, the chorus grow with him, creating an eerie, unnerving reflection. The play asks some deep questions and poses clever conundrums; who is more capable of love, Frankenstein or the Creature? Who understands better what motivates humans, the insider or outsider? Who has more humanity, the creator or the created?

“There are moments of unadulterated joy and others of deep despair. The cast creates a world which is visually exciting and utterly authentic. This play will move you.”

You can book tickets for Frankenstein at masktheatre.co.uk . Tickets are £10 and the show is suitable for ages 12+. Performance dates: November 10 - 13 and 16 - 20, 7:30pm with 2:30pm Saturday matinees.