Can you solve Peterborough am-dram group’s murder mystery?

Enjoy Lethal Lockdown on November 14Enjoy Lethal Lockdown on November 14
Enjoy Lethal Lockdown on November 14
A Peterborough amateur drama group has filmed its own interactive murder mystery movie which goes live this weekend.

Yaxley Amateur Players member, Diane Pickett, has written and directed the film, set during the lockdown and filmed in group members’ gardens, via mobile phones in their houses, via zoom and out on location.

Diane said: “We are doing something that no other amateur group has done, and it is exciting to be doing something very different from our usual live shows.”

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‘Lethal Lockdown’ is being sold as a pay per view show that will be aired on Saturday, November 14. Audiences can purchase a view through the group website - - they will then be able to watch the movie and try to guess who the murderer is. The murderer will then be announced via a link later in the evening. Audiences send in their answers via email after watching the show and the winner will be contacted that evening via email.

‘Lethal Lockdown’ is fully interactive and allows the group to reach a wider audience during the Pandemic. Only one view per household needs to be purchased and families and friends can get together to watch and join in with the guessing.

Set in the sleepy village of Cwakesby, rumour has it that there is a pandemic looming, but no-one is taking it seriously.

The local drama group, CAP’s (Cwakesby Amateur Players), are in the throes of rehearsing a murder mystery play, Murder at the Manor, when lockdown is announced. Billy, Chairman of the group, calls an online committee meeting to discuss their options.

After 6 weeks of lockdown, Billy, is found strangled.

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Is it just a coincidence that Billy’s character in Murder at the Manor is also strangled?

Could it be that the murders that took place in the play are being replicated for some reason?

In which case there are three other members of CAP’s who need to stay alert in more ways than one.

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