The Red Arrows are performing at Duxford this weekend. Photo: SAC Hannah Smoker/© MOD Crown Copyright 2020

When and where you can see the Red Arrows fly over the Peterborough area this weekend

The world famous Red Arrows RAF display team are performing at the Duxford Sumer Airshow this weekend and their flight paths will take them across the Peterborough region.

By Mark Edwards
Saturday, 24th July 2021, 5:00 am
Updated Saturday, 24th July 2021, 9:17 am

On Saturday (July 24) the Red Arrows will leave their base at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire at around 9.40am to head to Stansted which will be their base for the display weekend.

The journey to Stansted will take them over Cambridgeshire East of Peterborough passing closest to Murrow, Turves and Benwick.

During the afternoon the display sequence will take them close to St Neots at around 4.56pm.

The display will pass closer to Peterborough on Sunday as they return to Scampton after performing another display at Duxford.

The flight path takes them close to Elton, Yarwell, Wansford and Wittering between 5:24pm and 5:35pm.

This is the planned flight schedule for this weekend:

Red Arrows Scampton to Stansted - Saturday 24th July 2021:

1. 531829N 0003303W RAF SCAMPTON - 9.40am

2. 531353N 0002430W E OF FISKERTON - 9.42am

3. 525556N 0001421W NW OF DONINGTON - 9.45am

4. 524557N 0000414E N OF SUTTON ST JAMES - 9.47am

5. 521907N 0000546W VCY OF HEMINGFORD GREY - 9.52am

6. 521035N 0001341W NW OF GAMLINGAY - 9.53am

7. 515838N 0000009E NE OF BUNTINGFORD - 9.56am

8. 515306N 0001406E STANSTED AD - 9.58am

Red Arrows - Duxford Summer Air Show Display - Saturday 24th July 2021:

1. 515306N 0001406E STANSTED AD - 4.51pm

2. 515746N 0000558E BRENT PELHAM - 4.53pm

3. 520303N 0000617W W OF ROYSTON - 4.54pm

4. 521332N 0001345W E OF ST NEOTS - 4.56pm

5. 521713N 0000528W SW OF FENSTANTON - 4.57pm

6. 521122N 0000148E COMBERTON - 4.58pm

7. 520526N 0000755E DUXFORD - 5.00pm

8. 520021N 0001304E SW OF SAFFRON WALDEN - 5.21pm

9. 515306N 0001406E STANSTED AD - 5.23pm

Duxford Summer Air Show Display & return to Scampton - Sunday 25th July 2021:

1. 515306N 0001406E STANSTED - 4.51pm

2. 515746N 0000558E NE OF BRENT PELHAM - 4.53pm

3. 520146N 0000718W SE OF ASHWELL - 4.54pm

4. 521227N 0001423W VCY OF ST NEOTS - 4.56pm

5. 521630N 0000437W E OF HILTON - 4.58pm

6. 521122N 0000148E COMBERTON - 4.59pm

7. 520526N 0000755E DUXFORD - 5.00pm

8. 520021N 0001304E SW OF SAFFRON WALDEN - 5.22pm

9. 520355N 0000757W STEEPLE MORDEN - 5.24pm

10. 524733N 0003407W W OF SWAYFIELD - 5.32pm

11. 530105N 0004643W NW OF LONG BENNINGTON - 5.34pm

12. 531041N 0004359W NE OF COLLINGHAM - 5.36pm

13. 531829N 0003303W RAF SCAMPTON - 5.38pm

(Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements).

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