£53,000 grant for Cromwell Museum

The renowned Cromwell Museum at Huntingdon, has been awarded £53,066 in the latest round of grants from the government’s Culture Recovery Fund, which will help meet running costs while income is reduced by the drop in visitor numbers.

By Brad Barnes
Sunday, 25th October 2020, 5:54 am
Cromwell Museum at Huntingdon.
Photo: Simon Hill
Cromwell Museum at Huntingdon. Photo: Simon Hill

The museum is operated by an independent charity, the Cromwell Museum Trust and holds the best collection of objects relating to the life and times of Oliver Cromwell on public display in the world.

It is located in the former Huntingdon Grammar School building, which is both the oldest building in the town and was where he went to school. Attracting over 10,000 visitors a year, the Museum underwent a major refurbishment last autumn and reopened in March, only to have to close again 2 weeks later when the national lockdown was imposed. The Museum has since reopened with Covid-19 precautions in place and is again welcoming visitors.

Stuart Orme, the Cromwell Museum’s Curator, said: “We’re hugely grateful to the continued support of Arts Council England and this grant from the UK Government, which will help sustain the Museum’s running costs whilst we are receiving less visitors and day-to-day income due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“It will also help fund several physical and online improvements to the Museum’s offer over the coming months. As an independent charity support like this will help us weather these ‘distracted times’.

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