Peterborough Lido to sell fairtrade products this season

Opening of the Lido - some of the swimmers using the pool on the first day. EMN-220204-104109009Opening of the Lido - some of the swimmers using the pool on the first day. EMN-220204-104109009
Opening of the Lido - some of the swimmers using the pool on the first day. EMN-220204-104109009
Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar will be sold at attraction this year,

Peterborough Lido will sell fairtrade goods, including coffee, tea and sugar, this year.

Peterborough Ltd – which is owned by Peterborough City Council and operates Vivacity leisure centres across the city - will serve Fairtrade coffee, whether in a café or from vending machines.

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Vivacity Premier Fitness in Hampton already has a Fairtrade certified café which means it sells at least four Fairtrade products.

The introduction of Fairtrade at the Lido café this summer (opening times 9am-5pm) is part of a wider environmental agenda being introduced by Peterborough Ltd at the outdoor pool in Bishop’s Road. The initiative will also include greater recycling and a reduction in the use of single-use plastics.

Fairtrade aims to promote fairer trading conditions and empower farmers and workers to combat poverty by ensuring they receive a fair price for their products and are working under fair trading practices. Those who are supported work in low-income countries and are affected daily by climate change.

The Fairtrade standards – which are independently verified - cover several areas of environmental protection and help fund better housing, better schools and medical facilities.

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Fairtrade Peterborough was formed in 2011 and was responsible for Peterborough being recognised as a Fairtrade City in August 2019.

Beki Sellick, Fairtrade Peterborough co-ordinator, said: “As a small team of local volunteers with a passion for fairness, we’re delighted that Peterborough Ltd and other city retailers are giving everyone here the chance to choose Fairtrade.

“Especially now when international news can be grim, it’s great to know we’re making a positive difference when we choose one of the 6,000 different products with the Fairtrade mark.

“And please get in touch if you want to shout out for the Fairtrade your local café, supermarket or corner shop is selling - or if you want to help us to call for more.”

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To find Fairtrade products to buy, visit:

More information on Fairtrade Peterborough can be found at:

The Lido opened last week, and will remain open throughout the spring and summer.