Open water swimming returns to Peterborough’s Ferry Meadows

Open water swimming is to return to Ferry Meadows this week (May 5).
Open water swimming will return to Ferry Meadows this week.Open water swimming will return to Ferry Meadows this week.
Open water swimming will return to Ferry Meadows this week.

The team at Nene Outdoors has announced that the open water swimming season will begin at Gunwade Lake in Ferry Meadows Thursday.

Swimming takes place around the 400m course on Gunwade Lake, a relatively sheltered and shallow lake (4.5m maximum depth) fed by freshwater from the River Nene.

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Swimmers can complete the 400m circuit as many times as they like during the session and can then use the facilities at Nene Outdoors Watersports and Activity Centre, including the heated changing rooms and showers.

Open water swimming is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, combining an opportunity to improve fitness with an enjoyment of the outdoors. Nene Outdoors has encouraged all to attend, whether you are training for a triathlon or just want to take part in an activity which is sociable as well as good for you. Attendees will be able to enjoy the freedom of swimming outdoors with the confidence of knowing our team are on standby to make sure your swim remains safe.

All swimmers are required to wear a NOWCA Safety Wristband every time they swim, which is their own personal profile on their wrist. Swimmers use their wristband to scan themselves in and out of the water, which means that the team at Nene Outdoors know exactly who and how many swimmers are in the water, at any time.

Wearing a NOWCA Safety Wristband will also speed up your entry into the water, plus record your swim time and distance, just like wearing a chip at a triathlon.

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If you are new to open water swimming and don’t have a NOWCA band yet, sign up online before your first swim at Simply hit the become a member button and complete the form, citing Nene Outdoors as the venue.

Open water swimming at Ferry Meadows.Open water swimming at Ferry Meadows.
Open water swimming at Ferry Meadows.

You will then be able to collect a wristband from the centre ready for your first swim. Wristbands can also be used at all other NOWCA safety accredited lakes and venues across the country.

For safety reasons, all swimmers will be required to wear a brightly coloured swim cap; either your own or one brought from the Nene Outdoors reception shop, where wetsuits are also available to purchase and hire. The use of wetsuits is compulsory for swimmers under the age of 16.

The open water swimming sessions are held weekly on Thursdays from 5.30-7pm until the end of September and cost £6.50 a session. Sessions can be booked in advance online at

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