Peterborough firm helps shape artist's incredible steel wire Jaguar model

A Peterborough firm more used to bending coathangers into shape has helped an artist create an incredible sculpture of one of the most beautiful cars ever created.

Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 7:00 am
Silvio and Benedict with the Jaguar E-Type

The team at engineering firm Automated Wire Bending Ltd (AWBL) helped sculptor Benedict Radcliffe to make the intricate steel wire model of the Jaguar E-Type.

AWBL, based in Fengate, specialise in a variety of products - from coathangers to state of the art, world-leading cricket and polo visors and helmets, used by some of the best players on the planet - but working on the E-Type was a million miles away from the normal day-to-day work.

Benedict has become one of the leading artists in his field, creating the wire London Taxi now found at Heathrow Airport, as well as sports cars, diggers and even trainers.

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Another work created by Benedict

It is not the first time Benedict has worked with AWBL, and the firm’s boss and owner Silvio Perna said it had been a pleasure to work with him.

He said: “Benedict is a creative genius. I have known him for about 15 years and he is incredible at what he does. He is the creator, and we just help him realise his vision.

“We have a team of about 50 people here, and it is very exciting for us to work on the project.

“It is great for a firm in Eastern Industries to be doing something like this.”

Silvio said the car is made from about 300 metres of steel bar wire - but said the process to make it was a closely guarded secret.

However, he said the finished piece - which has gone to a private client in Stockholm - was spectacular.

He said; “I think it is the most beautiful thing we have worked on - it is a real showstopper.”

Benedict said the Peterborough firm was able to help him with some components for the artwork, as well as transport the spectacular pieces around the world.

He said: “They are top class engineers who have made components for my sculptures, including the JCB which is installed in the Uttoxeter company’s HQ, the London Taxi with sits in Heathrow Terminal 2 and the worldwide campaign for the new Range Rover Evoque, and many other projects.

“This year is a very busy year for us with museum quality car sculptures going all over the world to private car collectors in America, China and Taiwan. These include a Lamborghini, Ferrari and an Aston Martin.

“AWBL are able to assist me with not only producing these works of art, but also the logistics involved in getting them to my clients with regards to beautifully made crates and organising air freight or shipping.

“As well as the cars and earth movers we are also working with an air ambulance charity to produce a full scale helicopter, which is going to be a challenge but something we are excited about!”