Peterborough’s new Rhythm Room bar: What now for old Chicago Rock Cafe?

The man who brought Chicago Rock Cafe to Peterborough 23 years ago has outlined his plans for the former nightspot in New Road.

By Brad Barnes
Monday, 7th June 2021, 11:16 am
IIn its heyday - Chicago Rock on New Road
IIn its heyday - Chicago Rock on New Road

Luminar Leisure founder Stephen Thomas launched the famed bar in 1998 - and it went on to become a major part of the night-time scene in that part of the city centre for 15 years

In 2013 it was rebranded as MYU Bar and closed the following year along with neighbours Liquid and New York New York - signalling the end of New Road as the city’s go-to destination for clubbers.

Now, Stephen has formed a new company based on the core values of going out to enjoy yourself called Dance Drink & Entertainment Limited - and following a sizeable investment will launch Rhythm Room - which he plans to open soon.

The view on New Road now

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    Stephen says he has always kept a watchful eye on the industry - even more so during lockdown - and believes now is the time to build a new concept and get people out enjoying themselves once again in a safe, well-run venue.

    Rhythm Room will be a bar concept but entertainment will be at its very heart. He says Peterborough is a great city and deserves to be entertained.

    “We have a number of projects on the go now, but Rhythm Room Peterborough is going to be particularly special as it was one of the first venues I opened back in the 90s.

    “It’s a great city and I remember enjoying some great nights out there,” he added.

    “We are building something that we want people to enjoy, they can dance, drink and will be entertained hence the company name. So all I can say is watch this space.”

    Live already is where there is an opportunity to go to the VIP opening (6 people).

    Rhythm Room will join 2020 World Buffet, Turkish Kitchen and Coyotes Bar and Grill in revitalising New Road, with more openings expected this year.