Some resignations, but all the Peterborough Bowls League divisions are here

Two clubs and four additional teams have resigned from the Peterborough League ahead of the new season.

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 11:38 am
Peterborough League bowls starts next month

Park Crescent Bowlers and Bourne Town have withdrawn, the former almost certainly permanently through lack of players.

Meanwhile, Langtoft Pearl have pulled teams out of both the Midweek and Club 55 competitions, leaving one in each, while Yaxley, who had two teams set to play in the Midweek Premier, have withdrawn one of them, while City of Peterborough have dropped their D team, also from the Midweek League.

The start date for most clubs has been delayed a fortnight to the week beginning May 17 in the hope some further Covid restrictions will be lifted.

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There are 42 teams in the Club 55 League contained in five divisions, with nine in the Premier and Division One, and eight in the other three.

The Midweek League has 35 teams in four divisions, with nine in the Premier, 10 in Division One and eight in divisions two and three.

There are three divisions in the Weekend League with a total of 21 teams involved.

There are eight in the Premier Division and Division One, but only five in Division Two where teams will play each other three times to pad out the fixtures.



Premier Division: Parkway A, Whittlesey Manor A, West Ward Tigers, Peterborough & District, Parkway C, Whittlesey Manor B, CoP Molins A, Crowland Jackdaws, Yaxley Kites.

Division One: Langtoft Pearl, Deeping Gold, West Ward Panthers, CoP City, Market Deeping Knights, Baker Perkins, Conservative Kestrels, Longthorpe Romans, East Community Wolves, Conservative Ospreys.

Division Two: Wittering, East Community Bears, Crowland Magpies, Whittlesey Manor C, Werrington, Deeping Silver, Market Deeping Kings, Whittlesey Town.

Division Three: Thomas Cook, Parkway B, CoP Molins B, Deeping Diamonds, Bretton Beagles, Itter Park, Yaxley Eagles, Crowland Ravens.


Premier Division: West Ward Tigers, Whittlesey Manor A, Peterborough & District, Blackstones, Yaxley Spitfires, CoP City, West Ward Lions, Deeping Hawks, Langtoft Pearl Blue.

Division One: Longthorpe Manor, Ketton Welland, Ketton Chater, Crowland Jays, Longthorpe Woods, Conservative Blue, CoP Molins, Barnack, Market Deeping Wade.

Division Two: Longthorpe Tower, Whittlesey Town Foxes, Whittlesey Town, Conservative Grey, Yaxley Hurricanes, Stamford Town, Baker Perkins, Parkway.

Division Three: Deeping Owls, East Community Bears, Werrington Mill, Werrington Fox, Crowland Rooks, Bretton Beagles, Deeping Colts, Itter Park.

Division Four: Thomas Cook, East Community Wolves, Market Deeping Douglas, CoP C, Deeping Ospreys, Bretton Badgers, Crowland Choughs, Whittlesey Manor B.


Premier Division: Blackstones, Yaxley Seals, Peterborough & District, Yaxley Sharks, City of Peterborough Molins, West Ward Tigers, Stamford Town, Whittlesey Town.

Division One: West Ward Panthers, City of Peterborough City, Baker Perkins, Conservatives, Deeping Eagles, Ketton Hanson, East Community Bears, Werrington.

Division Two: Whittlesey Manor, Deeping Swans, Langtoft Pearl, East Community Wolves, Bretton Beagles.