Mascot Max (14) is on course to become a full-time Peterborough Panthers rider

Peterborough Panthers are laying the foundations for the future by taking club mascot, and hot racing prospect, Max Perry under their wing.
Max Perry in action. Photo: Jeff Davies.Max Perry in action. Photo: Jeff Davies.
Max Perry in action. Photo: Jeff Davies.

Young Max (14), has been told he has a bright future at the club and is expected to reach the senior team in the next two or three years.

He’ll be handed the opportunity to be with the Premiership team on race night to watch them from close quarters in the pits area.

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Perry, from Newbury, has already won a World 125cc Longtrack title and is keen to continue his progress this year.

Max Perry. Photo: Jeff Davies.Max Perry. Photo: Jeff Davies.
Max Perry. Photo: Jeff Davies.

And proud dad Rob said: “It’s quite handy for us because a lot of the team are returning riders. They know Max already and they’ve also seen him ride at Cardiff in the youth races.

“Bomber (Chris Harris) was at the Worlds in Germany when Max won, and was helping him out in the pits, and obviously Scott (Nicholls) has been at Cardiff and watched him there when we’ve ridden the day before the Grand Prix, which has been great.”

“We’re also hoping to get involved with the ATPI No Limits team at Belle Vue, and we’ve had three sessions with Jason Crump (former Panthers rider and triple World Champion) now, one on the 125cc just before the Europeans, and two on the 250cc, and both times Jason has been pleased with what Max has shown him.

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“That’s good to see, and hopefully moving forward that will be integrated into Max’s five-year plan.”

Max will also be chasing gold in the World 250cc Longtrack Championship later this year.

Rob explained: “We’ve had a grasstrack / longtrack bike built, and Max has been given the go-ahead to go to the World Longtrack Championships again, which we weren’t able to do last year.

“That’s at Diedenbergen in Germany in August, Covid allowing, and this time it will be on the 250.

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“It’s a very similar track to Peterborough, maybe about 50m longer, so really it’s a combination of Peterborough and King’s Lynn, which is handy as we get to ride both of those tracks quite often.”

Panthers owner Keith Chapman added: “It’s more important than ever to encourage the youth element of British Speedway.

“Max has been proud to wear Peterborough colours for a while now and I think it’s a wonderful idea to integrate him as part of the first team.

“We have more experience in our side than any other club so he’s in good hands!”