Northants' trophy hopes are fading fast after another double defeat

Hopes that fortunes might change with home advantage following the previous week's double defeat in Suffolk didn't materialise for the Northants county men's teams against Lincolnshire at the weekend.

Thursday, 14th June 2018, 1:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:47 pm
Steve Lander was in a Northants rink that drew 29-29.

Both teams were well beaten, with the Adams Trophy team registering only three points from their 157-183 defeat playing at Blackstones for the first time, while the Newton Trophy team did share rink honours at the City of Peterborough club, but went down 165-189 overall.

The home rink of Wayne Morris, Stephen Harris and Paul Buckley claimed Northants’ only rink success in the Adams fixture with a 28-23 victory, while the Whittlesey Manor trio of Steve Lander, Graham Agger and Martin Welsford shared the spoils at 29-29.

The Newton Trophy team had victories from the rinks of deputy president Dick Noble, who had Zack Brown making his debut at two, Fred Richardson and Malcolm Squires, but their combined shots credit of plus 31 proved insufficient as Lincs won by 26 and 21 against Mick Greaves and Peter Jessop respectively, while Barry Lawrence’s rink lost by four.

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Northants 157 (3), Lincs 183 (19): (Northants rinks only) –

Steve Roden, Paul Bailey, John Holroyd lost 25-32.

Trevor Smith, Martyn Dolby, Jon Earl lost 22-32.

Jack Corney, Michael Humphreys, Roger Martin lost 21-29.

Wayne Morris, Stephen Harris, Paul Buckley won 28-23.

Howard Shipp, Neil Wright, Mick Duell lost 32-38.

Steve Lander, Graham Agger, Martin Welsford drew 29-29.


Northants 165 (6), Lincs 189 (16): (Northants rinks only) –

Fred Addy, Tony Kemp, Barry Lawrence lost 27-31.

Peter Cox, Bob Warters, Peter Jessop lost 15-36.

Sean Fenlon, Jim Ruddy, Mick Greaves lost 20-46.

Les Sharp, Zack Brown, Dick Noble won 34-26.

Roger Stevens, Jeff Clipston, Fred Richardson won 32-25.

Martin Stokes, Richard Allam, Malcolm Squires won 37-25.

The county teams are next in action away to Hunts on Saturday week (June 23).

The women’s county teams resume their programme on Tuesday with a visit to North Essex.

Northants county championships


Four-bowl singles, second round: Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Norman Hill (Yaxley) 21-2; Joe Martin (Pboro & Dist) bt Tony Wigston (Crowland) 21-7; Sean Fenlon (Westward) bt Dick Noble (Westward) 21-4; Paul Buckley (Blackstones) bt Mick Linnell (Westward) 21-2; Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Jim Ruddy (Westward) 21-16; Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) bt Lee Welsford (Parkway) 21-17; Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Stephen Harris (Blackstones) 21-18; Richard Allam (Stamford) bt Derek King (Ryhall) 21-9; Jeff Clipston (Pboro & Dist) bt Mick Duell (Whittlesey Manor) 21-14; Tony Kemp (Conservative) bt Andy Speechley (City of Peterborough) 21-15; Howard Shipp (Parkway) bt Jack Corney (Whittlesey Manor) 21-12; Craig Campbell (Parkway) bt Paul Bailey (Blackstones) 21-11; Paul Dalliday (Parkway) bt Ray Keating (Pboro & Dist) 21-20; Trevor Collins (Parkway) bt Adam Warrington (Blackstones) 21-15; John Thurston (Yaxley) bt Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) 21-20. Walkover: Steve Roden (Whittlesey Manor).

Veterans singles, first round: Mick Greaves (Pboro & Dist) bt Derek King (Ryhall) 21-17; Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Stuart Reynolds (Parkway) 21-9; Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) bt Paul Pheasant (Ketton) 21-13; Mick Duell (Whittlesey Manor) bt Martin Fletcher (Langtoft Pearl) 21-7; Malcolm Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) 21-2; Peter Cox (Langtoft Pearl) bt Charles Beeken (Crowland) 21-14; Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Ray Keating (Pboro & Dist) 21-13; Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) bt Norman Hill (Yaxley) 21-18; Les Sharp (Yaxley) bt Wilf Redhead (Pboro & Dist) 21-7; Mick Linnell (Westward) bt Peter White (Langtoft Pearl) 21-19; Dick Noble (Westward) bt Geoff Brown (Crowland) 21-12; Bob Warters (Ketton) bt Peter Holmes (Crowland) 21-11, Byes: Andrew Grief (Crowland), Paul Buckley (Blackstones), Dave Corney (Pboro & Dist).

Champion of Champions singles, first round: Graham Agger (Whittlesey Manor) bt Norman Hill (Yaxley) 21-15; Richard Allam (Stamford) bt Bob Warters (Ketton) 21-13; Andy Speechley (City of Peterborough) bt Andrew Grief (Crowland) 21-17; Jim Ruddy (Westward) bt Adam Warrington (Blackstones) 21-6. Walkovers: Ralph Barker (Whittlesey Town), Andy Dyer (Conservative).

Pairs, first round: Malcolm Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Michael Millar (Blackstones) 21-9; Tony Belson (Yaxley) bt Mike Ramsden (Vanguard) 18-17; Adam Warrington (Blackstones) bt Thomas Fielding (Blackstones) 15-13; Brian Downs (Blackstones) bt Derek King (Ryhall) 23-10; Lee Welsford (Parkway) bt Martin Fletcher (Langtoft Pearl) 16-13; Gerald Homewood (Langtoft Pearl) bt Peter Marchant (Yaxley) 24-8; Brian Martin (Parkway) bt Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) 26-2; Paul Dalliday (Parkway) bt Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) 18-14; John Holroyd (Stamford) bt Trevor Collins (Parkway) 18-11; Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Tim Porter (Market Deeping) 17-9; Paul Bailey (Blackstones) bt Paul Buckley (Blackstones) 18-8; Bob Warters (Ketton) bt Peter Eddings (City of Peterborough) 23-13; Stephen Harris (Blackstones) bt John Steels (Westward) 25-8; Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) bt Steve Roden (Whittlesey Manor) 19-16; Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Brian Swann (Westward) 18-12; John Hadley (Yaxley) bt Andrew Grief (Crowland) 16-13.

Senior pairs, second round: Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) bt Ray Keating (Pboro & Dist) 23-10; Dick Noble (Westward) bt Dave Corney (Pboro & Dist ) 18-17; Bob Warters (Ketton) bt Tony Belson (Yaxley) 23-7; Peter Cox (Langtoft Pearl) bt John Hadley (Yaxley) 19-12; Jim Bradley (Westward) bt Peter Holmes (Crowland) 18-17; John Wadsworth (Crowland) bt Martin Fletcher (Langtoft Pearl) 18-16; Roger Martin (Blackstones) bt Steve Stone (Deeping) 24-14. Walkover: Paul Buckley (Blackstones).

Mixed pairs, second round: Dick Noble (Westward) bt Fred Richardson (Whittlesey Manor) 20-1; Lee Welsford (Parkway) bt Tony Kemp (Conservative) 18-17; Richard Allam (Stamford) bt Mick Hatch (Westward) 18-11; Graham Agger (Whittlesey Manor) bt Fred Browning (Yaxley) 24-11; Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) bt Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) 23-6; Andrew Thurston (Parkway) bt Paul Buckley (Blackstones) 16-15; Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) 19-16. Walkover: Brian Bassam (Pboro & Dist).

Senior mixed pairs, second round: Fred Richardson (Whittlesey Manor) bt Dick Ford (Ketton) 19-14; Les Sharp (Yaxley) bt Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) 18-13; Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) bt Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) 17-15; Dave Eddings (City of Peterborough) bt Peter Eddings (City of Peterborough) 18-16; Kevin Vinter (Stamford) bt Wilf Redhead (Pboro & Dist) 19-16; Roger Martin (Blackstones) bt Steve Stone (Deeping) 22-16; Stuart Reynolds (Parkway) bt Bob Warters (Ketton) 19-5; Andrew Grief (Crowland) bt Jim Millar (City of Peterborough) 18-17.

Two-bowl triples, first round: Mike Ramsden (Vanguard) bt Mike Robertson (Parkway); Neil Wright (Parkway) bt Dave Corney (Pboro & Dist) 21-12; Cliff Watson (Pboro & Dist) bt Fred Browning (Yaxley) 16-15; Paul Dalliday (Parkway) bt Adam Warrington (Blackstones) 24-17; Thomas Fielding (Blackstones) bt Bob Warters (Ketton) 17-13; Roger Martin (Blackstones) bt Ray Keating (Pboro & Dist) 23-12; Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) bt Dick Noble (Westward). Walkover: Jack Corney (Whittlesey Manor).

Three-bowl triples, first round: Brian Downs (Blackstones) bt Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) 23-4; Peter Eddings (City of Peterborough) bt Jim Bradley (Westward) 22-16; Roger Martin (Blackstones) bt Tony Wigston (Crowland) 18-11; Thomas Fielding (Blackstones) bt Dave Corney (Pboro & Dist) 17-12; Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) bt Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) 16-11.

Mixed triples, second round: Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) bt Paul Buckley (Blackstones) 20-13; Martyn Dolby (Blackstones) bt Mick Hatch (Westward) 25-19; Andrew Thurston (Parkway) bt Roger Martin (Blackstones) 18-17; Lee Welsford (Parkway) bt Tony Kemp (Conservative) 19-18; Stuart Reynolds (Parkway) bt Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) 20-18; Fred Richardson (Whittlesey Manor) bt Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) 21-13; Paul Phesant (Ketton) bt Brian Bassam (Pboro & Dist) 20-13.


Four-bowl singles, first round: Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) bt Chris Ford (Ketton) 21-10; Hazel Bass (Yaxley) bt Julie Masters (Parkway) 21-18; Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) 21-18; Merisha McKernasn (Parkway) bt Carol Grief (Crowland) 21-15; Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Norma Squires (City of Peterborough) 21-13; Pat Jones (Vanguard) bt Wendy Stevens (Pboro & Dist) 21-14; Tina Tinklin (Conservative) bt Angela Cox (Langtoft Pearl) 21-14.