Lee Tomlin celebrates a hat-trick for Posh against Ipswich in 2011.

When Peterborough United bashed Barnet, thrashed Ipswich Town and nailed the Cobblers in the biggest wins in Posh’s Football League history

Peterborough United co-owner Darragh MacAnthony had no doubts his side would soon be dishing out drubbings again.

“We’ll be winning big soon enough,” MacAnthony stated before last Saturday’s 4-1 thrashing of Rochdale.

Ipswich Town might now be nervous ahead of this Saturday’s League One game at Posh as they were stuffed 7-1 in a Championship fixture at London Road in 2011.

That win features prominently in the list of the biggest wins Posh have ever achieved in the Football League.

Posh have won by eight goals once, by seven goals on three occasions and by six goals 14 times, all remembered here...

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