POSH POLL: Peterborough United fans are keeping the faith by backing the team to win automatic promotion

Peterborough United fans are just about keeping the faith as far as the club’s push for automatic promotion from League One is concerned.

Sunday, 21st March 2021, 6:55 pm
Siriki Dembele of Peterborough United celebrates scoring the opening goal at Rochdale. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

In a Twitter poll over the weekend over half of almost 600 votes were cast for a top two finish.

We asked Posh supporters to precdict where thier team will finish with 14.1% going for champions, 40% predicting second and automatic promotion, 42.1% going for between third and sixth (a play-off place) and just 3.9% forecasting a finish outside the top six and another season in League One.

Posh co-owner Dr Jason Neale still believes the League One title can be won. He said: “Nothing has changed in my opinion. 85-87 points wins the league and with 6/11 home games, we are all quietly confident. We have been on two winning runs and we will go on another. With fixture congestion and salary caps this season is like no other.”

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Peterborough United Manager Darren Ferguson in the stands at Rochdale. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

As well as conducting a poll on the likely Posh finish, we asked fans to predict the top six. Sunderland were the most popular choice as champions followed by Hull and then Posh.

All comments to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

If Taylor returns soon...1) Posh, 2) Sunderland, 3) Hull, 4) Doncaster, 5) Lincoln 6) Gillingham.


1) Sunderland 2) Hull 3) Posh 4) Portsmouth 5) Blackpool 6) Lincoln.


1) Posh 2) Sunderland 3) Lincoln 4) Hull 5) Portsmouth 6) Gillingham.


1) Hull 86, 2) Posh 86, 3) Sunderland 85, 4) Lincoln 74, 5) Portsmouth, 6) Charlton.


1)Sunderland, 2) Hull, 3) Posh, 4) Portsmouth, 5)Doncaster, 6) Lincoln .... happy to be wrong.


1) Hull 2) Sunderland 3) Lincoln City 4) Pompey 5) Doncaster, 6) Ipswich.


1) Sunderland 2) Posh 3) Hull 4) Lincoln 5) Doncaster, 6) Pompey.


1) Hull, 2) Sunderland 3) Posh 4) Lincoln 5) Portsmouth, 6) Blackpool.


1) Sunderland, 2) Posh, 3) Hull, 4) Lincoln, 5) Blackpool, 6) Ipswich.


1) Hull, 2) Posh, 3) Sunderland, 4) Portsmouth, 5) Doncaster, 6)Lincoln. If we end up in the play-offs, God help us.


Anyone in top 12 currently can make it. I can’t think past top 2 for Posh as don’t fancy play offs at all, but gonna be tough. And after another 11 games of this I’d have aged 15yrs!


1) Sunderland, 2) Posh 3) Hull, 4) Charlton, 5)Doncaster, 6) Gillingham.


1) Sunderland, 2) Hull, 3) Posh, 4) Lincoln, 5) Donny, 6) Blackpool.


1) Hull, 2) Sunderland, 3) Posh, 4) Lincoln, 5) Ipswich, 6) Portsmouth.


1) Sunderland, 2) Posh, 3) Hull, 4) Donny, 5) Portsmouth, 6) Blackpool.


Too few realise the importance of a point in adversity. Win at home, draw away=promotion. At the end of the season, it’s those 5 or 6 single point games which can be the difference between playoffs & automatic - yet it never feels like it at the time!


6 wins from 11 will see us top 2.


7 points out of the next 12 required, followed by 10 from the following 12. Collect 17 out of 24 and we have a strong chance of top 2.


1) Sunderland, 2) Posh, 3) Hull, 4) Lincoln, 5) Pompey, 6) Blackpool


1) Sunderland, 2) Posh, 3) Hull, 4) Lincoln, 5) Portsmouth, 6) Ipswich.


I’m worried our pitch will cost us points! It has worked to our advantage so far (other than Hull), but the bobbles, potential for injuries, slipping into tackles etc really is making me nervous!