Posh fans react to to huge win at Charlton: ‘I watched from behind my sofa, you could hear me in Charlton cheering from Cambodia, great team performance, a heroic goalkeeper, operation vengeance is almost complete’

One fan watched Posh beat Chalrton from behind a sofa, another cheered them on all the way from Cambodia, but all agreed they say a top-class goalkeeper, a great winning goal and a superb all-round team performance.

Sunday, 25th April 2021, 2:00 pm
Posh goalkeeper Josef Bursik in action at Charlton. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

All comments on Twitter to @PTAlanSwann.

Great press from us. Two good sides. Good advert for League 1. Great strike for goal! MOM - JCH.


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Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United is congratulated by team-mates after scoring at Charlton. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

Nail biting. Sammie unlucky not to score. Bursik MOM - significant save.


MOM Bursik. A whole team performance. Not pretty. A grinding result. Nothing, but a Tuesday win will do. Operation Vengeance is almost there!


Gritty performance, great result. MOM Bursik.


Agonising. Gutsy. Great goal. MOM too close to call so give it to the whole back five. All were excellent.


‘Big, big win, solid defence, quick breakaways, energy in midfield, quality goal..MOM Bursik for a great penalty save.


Can we please take a second chance and make it an easier watch? MOM, Bursik- was his day today.


Great result today to win against the team that will beat Hull last game of the season as we are crowned as champions..MOM JCH.


Man of the Match has to be Bursik, ‘otherwise it would have only been 1 point.


Well that was a turnaround after the debacle of Tuesday night. Classy performance - stunning save by Bursik - we should have put it to bed by converting other chances. Well taken goal though. No visible signs of weakness today. MOM: Bursik.


Watched from behind sofa, nearly had coronary. MOM Bursik based on penalty save and critical interception after Taylor mistake.


Superb team performance today from back to front. Bursik MOM for me as if penalty goes in it could have been a totally different game.


A MASSIVE WIN! We’ve had loads of those performances this season where we’ve had to grind out results! Happiest I’ve been as a Posh fan for a long time! MOM: Kent.


Classic Posh, lose the easy game, win the difficult one. Kent MOM.


Bum less squeaky than before the game. This team can defend front to back. MOM Bursik for penalty save.


Almost there. What a great win that was. MOM Thompson and don’t argue.


Posh are playing winning football based on solidity at the back & quality in attack. Bursik MOM.


My cheer at full time may have been heard from where I live in Cambodia to Charlton! MOM...Bursik.


Karma: Posh one foot in The Championship, Wycombe one foot back in League One. MOM Kent.


MOM Bursik for that save, but all pressed well. Great win, on we go.


Gutsy performance. Worried about early misses,, but no worry. We have a £30 million keeper! Bursik MOM


Very professional and a tactical masterclass. Man of the match - Taylor.


MASSIVE WIN! Solid and confident defending as a whole and one foot in the Championship. MOM Bursik.


We are going up. That’s the tweet. MOM Jonno.


Bursik. Hero. Team effort, superb result. Kent MOM.


Man of match Thompson.

A team performance full of guts, desire, passion and heart. One more to go!! Up the mighty Posh.