Peterborough United pulled out of a transfer deal because of a personality clash and why Jack Marriott’s attitude and career path should be the template for young players

Peterborough United co-owner Darragh MacAnthony insists a player’s personality is as important as his ability when a decision on a potential signing is made.

Monday, 16th August 2021, 7:00 am
Jack Marriott celebrates a Posh goal.

MacAnthony explained on his popular ‘Hard Truth’ podcast: “I was in London on business recently waiting for news of a deal going through,” MacAnthony disclosed. “And then the manager’s number flashed up on my phone.

“I knew immediately there was a problem and the manager told me his interview with the player didn’t go well.

“The player apparently just sat in his chair and didn’t say a word.

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“He looked as though he was treating the move as a step down rather than the step up it was.

“The manager wasn’t sure he wanted to complete the deal. I told him to go with his gut and if he didn’t fancy the move to call it off so when the player rang him back that’s what he told him.

“The right personality is vital for us. We have the words ‘ambition over greed’ up on the wall at the club.

“If you want a move just to make money we are not the club for you, but if you want a chance to play and to progress your career then we are the right club.”

MacAnthony help up current Posh striker Jack Marriott as an example of a player benefitting from putting is career ahead of making money.

MacAnthony said: “When we first tried to sign Jack from Luton in 2017 he was on £3.5k a week. We told him we had just one slot in the squad available on £1.8k a week. Jack didn’t hesitate. He wanted to come because he wasn’t playing at Luton.

“He figured he was 22 rather than 28 so there was still time for him to make some money if his career took off.

“And what a decision it was. Twelve months later he was on £18k a week and playing for Derby in the Championship.

Marriott returned to Posh this summer and again took a paycut to ensure the move went ahead