New Peterborough United Chief Executive to start in new year

Posh’s new Chief Executive Officer has been selected and will start in the new year.

By Ben Jones
Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 4:39 pm
Darragh MacAnthony with long-serving CEO Bob Symns. Photo: Joe Dent.

Co-owners Darragh MacAnthony, Jason Neale and Stewart Thompson spent last week interviewing candidates and have now made their decision. The successful candidate will start on January 2 and will, in the meantime, shadow Interim CEO Jim Rodwell and previous incumbent Bob Symns, who held the post for 17 years before stepping down last month.

Speaking on his Hard Truth podcast, MacAnthony said: “We are very happy with who we’ve got. We had phenomenal candidates, we saw over 17 people and whittled it down to a final three. Then, we saw the final three a couple of days after, we set them a couple of tasks and they came through that with flying colours and we’ve now got our man.

“I think he’s just what our club needs and him and his family will be moving to the area. He’s going to be shadowing Jim Rodwell and Bob Symns, a little bit in Decemeber, just to get his feet under the table, and then he’ll start in January. Me, Jason and Randy are all excited by the candidate.”

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The successful applicant has been entrusted to spearhead developments to the club’s current Weston Homes Stadium and increasing commercial growth through fan engagement among many other things.

The application for the role stated that the club were looking for an applicant to:

- Develop, in conjunction with the Board and management, the vision and growth strategy for the business, then lead overall execution by establishing and monitoring milestones related to our financial and operating plans

- Spearhead exciting changes to the current stadium now that it is under the control of the ownership group

- Manage, lead & nurture the current talented staff the club has & motivate our current managers of departments to deliver success in each of their areas

- Look to help establish the club and grow it into a top 14 Championship football club

- Growth in all areas is pivotal but commercial growth through fan engagement is key to our long-term success.

- Look for creative ways to keep overheads at an affordable level without compromising the growth and success of the club

- Capable of managing social media and digital distribution strategies