Moody Marcus Maddison will soon be forgotten at Peterborough United

I really hope these are the last words I feel inclined to write about Peterborough United’s wayward talent Marcus Maddison.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 4:26 pm
Marcus Maddison and Posh fans

It’s time he was on his way. If his two biggest fans - Darragh MacAnthony and Darren Ferguson - have tired of his antics it must be time to say goodbye.

His stats - a similar scoring ratio and more assists than bona fide Posh legend George Boyd - demand a departure that is mourned, but it probably won’t be.

Indeed if on-loan signing Sammie Szmodics builds on the potential of his first couple of games Maddison will be forgotten roughly five minutes after he leaves the building (if he hasn’t been forgotten already) and that’s a crying shame for the most naturally gifted Posh talent of the current League One era.

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There have been many memorable moments of Maddison brilliance, many of the them in the first-half of this season. Remember the stunning opening goal at MK Dons, the audacious chipped goal against Rochdale, the strike at Stevenage that staved off an embarrassing exit in the FA Cup?

It’s not a co-incidence that the recent dramatic dip in Posh form and results have accompanied either Maddison’s absence or his apparent lack of interest.

He’s carried the team in terms of creativity for five seasons, but half the Posh public don’t seem to like him, which I get having seen some of his social media utterings lately, and some don’t rate him as a footballer, which is just madness.

I count myself among his biggest fans, but I’ve written columns on his irritating on-field behaviour, notably his theatrics, usually accompanied by a high-pitch squeal, in the past, but he’s never changed.

His attempts to buy free-kicks never work anyway. Referees are so wise to his behaviour they have started to not give him free-kicks even when he is fouled.

Maddison is certainly not treated with the same reverence and tolerance Premier League referees give to Liverpool’s divers.

Posh are now trying to drive him out. I suspect they have accepted less than the £2.5 million buyout clause from both Charlton and Birmingham City and I don’t blame them for that.

Director of football Barry Fry has urged him to go to his old stomping ground of St Andrew’s, while Ferguson has said he won’t consider him for selection even if he stays. He’s fed up of the circus act that surrounds his best player.

They are the actions of a club who want rid.

It’s a brave move by the manager if Maddison does remain and Posh start to struggle again. The temptation to pick him in an emergency would surely be too huge.

Anyway let’s hope it doesn’t come to that and Maddison is soon on his way. Maybe one day he will lauded by the Posh fans like another maverick talent who left under a cloud.

Lee Tomlin recognised and conquered his demons. Maddison needs to do the same rather than waste his career.