Frank Lampard, Steve Evans, Mushy, Digger and Ryan Mason are all suggestions for the next Peterborough United manager!

​Many Peterborough United fans have suggested current manager Darren Ferguson becomes director of football at the Weston Homes Stadium.
Frank Lampard. Photo: Daniel Leal / AFP via Getty Images.Frank Lampard. Photo: Daniel Leal / AFP via Getty Images.
Frank Lampard. Photo: Daniel Leal / AFP via Getty Images.

But it’s unlikely he’d want that job and the post isn’t vacant with Barry Fry still going strong at the age of 78.

If Ferguson does leave at the end of the season chairman Darragh MacAnthony will interview several candidates as a matter of urgency.

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It’s known many managerial CVs have been sent to the chairman in anticipation of the position becoming vacant.

Steve Evans.Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images.Steve Evans.Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images.
Steve Evans.Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images.

Here are the views of Posh fans on Ferguson’s immediate future plus suggestions as to who might take over should he leave at the end of the season

All comments to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter…

​Top Posh signings were made by Keith Alexander, Gary Johnson and Steve Evans so if we are looking at a major rebuild probably an argument to bring Evans home as we go round in circles with managers! – @Davidwh1971

​Let Fergie become our Mick Harford and run the football side of things and let a new head coach build something with him – @DazMoody

Simon Davies (left) and Matthew Etherington. Photo: Joe Dent/ Davies (left) and Matthew Etherington. Photo: Joe Dent/
Simon Davies (left) and Matthew Etherington. Photo: Joe Dent/
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​We could have Frank Lampard for a laugh, but we need to take on someone with Premier League experience, or experience of keeping a club in the Championship – @tonyevans88

​I’d rather Fergie devoted his time to an eventual handover with current director of football Barry Fry. We'll then enjoy a go-to caretaker-as-required for decades to come – @Paul_Cyclops

I'd go for a manager with a 44% win percentage across the EFL, 4 honours on their CV (3 promotions) and a reputation of working well under constrained budgets – @Jinksy6

He has to stay. Bloke loves the club and Darragh loves him. Just needs time and backing – @pboromikky

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It's time for something fresh and different, which means no Fergie and no McCann. Ipswich and Plymouth have had terrific seasons on the back of ambitious managerial appointments. We need to show the same ambition and not stay in the safety of the tried and tested – @g_skltn

He’s been an absolute legend for us, but there comes a time when changes are needed regardless of sentimentality, although I expect the easy option to be taken and the chairman will ask him to stay – @beardie914

100% needs to stay. Renewed my season ticket in anticipation! Announcing a 3-year deal straight after would make up for missing the play offs! – @JimmyCross87

Keep him, but as a director of football. He knows the club and League One inside and out. The whole squad/management situation has become stale and predictable. There are going to have to be some brave decisions made re personnel in order to freshen things up on the pitch – @PaulGC84

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Stay. Can’t fault his record for us in the lower leagues and in all honesty who better could you realistically have or get? - @thebeakerbro

Fergie has to stay regardless of the division we’re in. The long term sustainability of the club is bringing our own players through the Academy. There’s no-one better to oversee and implement this. His record at developing players speaks for itself – @derren_cooper

Get anyone who has been managed by Pep Guardiola. Arsenal top, Burnley top, Barcelona top! Look at the managers – @DannyMarshMagic

Absolutely would back a Ryan Mason shout as he will go further in coaching than Terry, Lampard and Gerrard – @aw7794

Lee Bowyer, Dave Challinor, Leam Richardson – @UtpAdam.

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I do feel like we need a change. Fergie will always be a legend, but Now’s the time to break the cycle and try something different – @william5001

Offer Ryan Mason a legit chance bring Matty & Digger in with him to help – @boblpartridge

Fergie’s record speaks for itself, but urely if he’s the wrong man for a Posh side in the Championship, which is ultimately the club’s goal then surely he’s the wrong man. Crazy to think him getting us promoted then sacking him before season starts – @styler1992

Agree, if Fergie wants to stay he will. He will be a lot closer than us to knowing next season’s financial constraints. If we are selling our top assets and bringing in cheap novices then I expect him to go. If he thinks we can compete then he stays. Let’s face it we will be in League One – @paul_gauntlett

Fergie should stay in some form whether that be manager or director of football I would be happy either way – @Mark9697.