Coventry boss expecting tough game against “exciting” Peterborough United side

Coventry boss Mark Robins says that he is expecting a tough match against an “exciting” Posh side this evening (September 24).

Coventry boss Mark Robins. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images).
Coventry boss Mark Robins. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images).

The two sides meet at the Ricoh Arena at 7:45pm this evening, with Coventry sitting in fourth after an impressive start to their second season in the Championship and with Posh looking to get off the mark away from home.

Posh have actually outscored the Sky Blues (ten goals to nine) this season and Robins is expecting Posh to pose his side a tough challenge.

Speaking on Thursday (September 24), he told the club: “It’s about our performance and our ability to cope with an opposition that come and try and make it very, very difficult for you but also have a really good attacking threat.

“We need to be mindful of that, as we always are, and go into the game with the confidence of the performances so far and really concentrate on that.”

“I think generally Darren’s teams are exciting, high scoring teams and obviously that has been born out in the results whilst he’s been at Peterborough. He’s been there on a number of occasions and has always had good success there so it’s a tough game there is no doubt about that.

“On paper, on the pitch, in reality it is a tough game. We know that, we are preparing as best we can do for it, it’s a normal preparation week other than it is a day earlier and it’s a game we are really looking forward to.”

Despite their strong start to the season, Robins is keen to manage expectations and instead focus on performance levels.

He added: “All of that (entertaining football and results) is important, we’ve got to try entertain the people that pay good money to come and watch. Results on the back of that are really important to continue that as nobody wants to come and watch a stodgy game that hasn’t really got any entertainment value there.

“Eight games in, the league table means nothing, and whilst it’s nice it’s just vanity and it means absolutely zero to us. I think it’s more about us and the performances.

“There will be times when we have a sticky patch, there will be a time we lose a game, we lost a game a few weeks ago where we thought we should have got a little bit more from it but we didn’t and that’s football.

“You can perform really well and lose or you’ll preform not as well as you could have and win and there is all sorts of things that happen in sport and football in particular but we’ve just got to focus on what we do and the processes we have in place and the work we are doing and that’s all you can do to try and move things forward.”