Barry Fry condemns the proposed European Super League as an ‘exercise in greed’ and predicts it won’t go ahead

Peterborough United director of football Barry Fry has condemned the proposed European Super League as an ‘exercise in greed, pure and simple.’

By Alan Swann
Monday, 19th April 2021, 11:33 am
Posh director of football Barry Fry
Posh director of football Barry Fry

Six Premier League Clubs - Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs - have declared an intention to create a ‘Super League’ alongside clubs from Spain and Italy.

The clubs want to retain their place in the Premier League while playing Super League games in midweek.

The plan provoked immediate fury from many leading figures in the game as well as the English Premier League and the Football Association.

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“The plan is a disgrace,” Fry said today (April 19). “It’s purely and simply an exercise in greed. It’s so-called big clubs want to make as much money as they can with no care for the consequences for the rest of the clubs in the country.

“I wouldn’t think there’s a supporter of any of the six clubs involved who would back this idea. Unfortunately the foreign ownerships have no idea what makes football so great in this country. They are just seeing pound signs.

“What right do Spurs and Arsenal even have to play in a Super League? They’re not exactly setting the Premier League alight this season. And even Manchester United are not currently a Champions League club.

“Do they think they will get away with fielding reserve sides in the Premier League so they can concentrate on a European League? I can’t see it.

“I was in the meeting when Football League clubs discussed the Premier League being formed and we all thought it would never happen.

“Crucially though the FA supported that move. The FA are not supporting this one so I can’t see it going ahead.”