BCKA trio land English titles

Peterborough BCKA kick-boxers Eddy Paddock, Freya Molloy and Simon Munday won titles at the WKC English Championships in Manchester.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 10:09 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:19 am
Pictured are some of the Peterborough BCKA fighters who have done well in recent competitions. From the left are, back, Kelsey Lock, Abi Daulton, Colin Lock, Jordan Noble, Bradley King, Laura Parnell, front, Ashton Brannigan, Eddy Paddock, Hannah Cameron, 2017 club mascot Kelsey King, Harvey King, Simon Munday and Freya Molloy.

Reecent BCKA results

WKC English Championships (light contact):

Ashton Brannigan: Under 40kg boys continuous - 3rd.

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Eddy Paddock: Under 60kg cadets - Champion; U60kg juniors - 2nd.

Freya Molloy: Junior girls Under 65kg - Champion; Over 70kg women - Champion.

Simon Munday: Mens Over 35 years vets Under 74kg - Champion; Mens Over 35 years vets integrated weight - Champion.

Peterborough Series:

Jay Dunk: Boys Under 4ft 8in intermediate - 2nd.

Elliott Morgan-Smith: Under 45kg continuous - 2nd; Under 5ft 2in points - 2nd.

Kelsey Lock: Under 5ft 4in girls advanced points - Champion; Under 55kg girls advanced continuous - 3rd.

Laura Parnell: Ladies Over 85kg - 2nd.

Jordan Noble: Mens Over 95kg continuous - Champion.

Abi Daulton: Girls Points Over 5ft 4in intermediate - 2nd; Ladies Over 69kg - 2nd; Girls continuous Under 60kg intermediate/ advanced - 2nd.

Bradley King: Mens Under 74kg intermediate points - Champion.

Dan Smith: Mens Under 84kg intermediate - Champion; Mens Over 84kg advanced - 3rd.

Sam Spencer: Mens Under 64kg points - Champion; Men’s Under 65kg continuous - Champion; Men’s Under 70 kg continuous- 3rd.

Tri-Series Northamptonshire:

Harvey King: Peewee - 3rd.

Hannah Cameron: Kung Fu sets - 3rd.

Elliott Morgan-Smith: Points novice - 3rd; continuous novice - 3rd .

Ashton Brannigan: U45kg boys continuous - 2nd.

Kelsey Lock: 10-12 years girls points - Champion + Series Grand Champion; 10-12 years girls continuous - Champion + Grand Champion.

Eddy Paddock: 13-15 years Under 60kg points - Champion; 13-15 Under 50kg points - Champion

Bradley King: Mens novice open weight points - Champion + Series Grand Champion.

Colin Lock: Vets Over 79 kg points - 2nd + Series Grand Champion.

Jordan Noble: Over 85kg continuous - Champion + Series Grand Champion.

Freya Molloy: Girls 13-15 points - Champion; Under 65kg - Champion + Series Grand Champion.

Combat League:

Eddy Paddock: 14-15 yrs open weight points - Champion; 14-15 yrs open weight light contact - - Champion.

Norfolk Open:

Kelsey Lock: Over 5ft 4in girls points - Champion; Under 60kg girls continuous - Champion; Over 60kg continuous girls - 3rd.