M&S has released a new hot cross bun flavour which is dividing the country

Will you be trying the new hot cross buns from M&S? (Photo: M&S)Will you be trying the new hot cross buns from M&S? (Photo: M&S)
Will you be trying the new hot cross buns from M&S? (Photo: M&S)

Many shops across the UK have already started rolling out their Easter treats, and amongst them is M&S who has a new addition to their usual seasonal lineup.

A classic Easter treat that is beloved across the UK is hot cross buns - but M&S’s newest flavour has some shoppers unconvinced.

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What is the new flavour?

M&S has stocked a range of different flavoured hot cross buns throughout the years, including the likes of carrot cake, salted caramel and even a Belgian chocolate and bramley apple one.

However, the latest flavour on the menu turns the humble hot cross bun on its head with a savoury interpretation.

Now available to customers is chilli and cheese flavoured hot cross buns, which M&S recommends eating with butter and chilli jam.

M&S shared its new invention in an announcement post on Facebook, writing, “Hello new flavour alert! These are not just hot cross buns… These are NEW Chilli and Cheese Hot Cross Buns. Visit us in store to toast the start of the Easter season.”

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Online reaction

The announcement post on Facebook quickly garnered lots of attention, with 5.3 thousand reactions and 8.9 thousand comments (at the time of publishing). Commenters displayed mixed reactions to the new hot cross bun flavour.

One Facebook user wrote, “Omg these sound great.”

“OMG - I need these - RIGHT NOW!!! Guess who’s calling in to her local on the way home,” another commented with laughing emojis.

However, other customers didn’t seem quite as impressed.

“Can’t beat a traditional hot cross bun… toasted with butter!” Wrote one user.

Another commented, “Why change a perfectly good hot cross bun?”

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“That’s not a hot cross bun. It’s a cheese roll. Stop it,” wrote another.

Traditional hot cross buns

A traditional hot cross bun is a sweet bun that’s been spiced and is made with fruit. It features the design of a white cross on the top and is traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

The bun marks the end of Lent and the different parts of the buns hold a certain meaning, such as the cross design representing the crucifixion of Jesus.

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