Here’s how much the VE Day 75th anniversary £2 coin could be worth - and how to get one

Everything you need to know about the new coin from the Royal Mint (Photo: Royal Mint)Everything you need to know about the new coin from the Royal Mint (Photo: Royal Mint)
Everything you need to know about the new coin from the Royal Mint (Photo: Royal Mint)

VE Day takes place this year on Friday 8 May, and to mark the 75th anniversary of the historic date, the Royal Mint have released a commemorative £2 coin.

This is everything you need to know about the new collection from the Royal Mint - including how to get your hands on a coin and how much it costs.

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Why has the Royal Mint made a commemorative coin?

The Royal Mint website says: “75 years on [from VE Day], we thank the generation who gave so much and honour their spirit and sacrifice”.

VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day, and it refers to 8 May 1945 when Germany surrendered their armed forces during World War II.

The coin from the Royal Mint aims to “remember the first hopeful steps towards lasting peace and the promise of a brighter future”.

Divisional director of commemorative coins at the Royal Mint, Clare Maclennan, said that she hoped the VE Day coins would bring Britain together during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Maclennan said: “Our VE Day commemorative coin was inspired by a shared sense of community and loyalty.

“During these challenging times that the nation finds itself in, we may be unable to join with our loved ones to mark this national milestone, but it feels especially important that we come together to protect the older generation that sacrificed so much for us.”

What coins are available to buy?

If you want to get your hands on the commemorative £2 coin from the Royal Mint, you have a few options.

The 75th anniversary of VE Day £2 brilliant uncirculated coin comes in educational packaging all about VE Day and Winston Churchill. This costs £10.

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There is also the 75th anniversary of VE Day silver proof £2 coin. This coin is limited edition, with only 4,750 made. It costs £67.50.

Next is the 75th anniversary of VE Day piedfort silver £2 coin. Also limited edition, only 1,635 have been made. This coin costs £110.

Last is the 75th anniversary of VE Day gold proof £2 coin. This is also an extremely limited edition coin, as only 475 were made. This coin costs £1,055.

Alternatively, you can purchase a 75th anniversary of VE Day gold proof £2 coin with a period newspaper, which allows you to read the news of VE Day as it was reported from an original period newspaper.

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This is an extremely limited edition package with only 26 available to buy. It costs £1,800 and because it’s so rare, you’ll need to phone The Royal Mint on 0800 032 2154 to place an order.

For each coin purchased, a donation will be made to the Imperial War Museums.

What do the coins look like?

The coins feature a design which shows the celebrating public with the word ‘victory’ across the top.

Designer Dominique Evans said: “Iconic images of VE Day serve to remind us of the magnitude of events.

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“Millions came together in the streets to celebrate the end of the war in Europe, inspiring me to put the people at the very heart of this coin. The rays evoke search lights, a familiar sight in the skies during wartime, except here they represent rays of home.”