Platinum Jubilee: what is the weather forecast for long weekend?

Peterborough weather expert makes early forecast for bank holiday

By Stephen Briggs
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 2:05 pm

With a four day summer Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon, many of us will be planning barbecues, picnics and fun in the sun to celebrate The Queen’s big day.

While the first day of the extended break is still a week away, weather expert Trevor Robbins-Pratt, from Peterborough Weatherwatch has said the current forecast might not be the best news for those planning an outdoor celebration – as traditional British Bank Holiday weather may be on the menu – with rain and lower than average temperatures on the radar.

However, Trevor also said there was still a chance things could change – leaving a ray of sunshine for people hoping for warm weather next week for street parties and an outdoor toast to Her Majesty.

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Peterborough could be set for a wet bank holiday weekend

He said: “The current trend has an area of high pressure to the the west/north west of the UK and low pressure to the east. This results in a north/north east flow, which would also encourage showers across our neck of the woods.

"Temperatures would be at, or slightly below the early June average, around 17°C/18°C on the 2nd/3rd, with perhaps an improving trend over that weekend as the high pressure repositions itself and we lose the north/north east flow.

"The position of the high pressure, its orientation and it's 'shape' is key.

"However, I’m still rather on the fence at the moment and as we are still some nine days away, and lots of things can change.”