Road improvement works planned to decrease journey times on Peterborough road

A series of road improvement works have been planned on along a road in Peterborough.

By Ben Jones
Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 6:49 am
A section of the A15 in Peterborough.
A section of the A15 in Peterborough.

The works are proposed within the Norwood and Paston Urban Extension sites, which sit to the north-east of Peterborough.

The sites are bordered to the west by the A15 Paston Parkway, to the east by the A16 and to the south by the A47 and intersected by Newborough Road.

The proposed works are:

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• Closure of Newborough Road access onto A47

• Dualling of the A16 between A16/A47/Welland Road Roundabout and the Norwood Development Access

• Partial signalisation of A16/A47/Welland Road Roundabout on the A16 southbound approach

• A 50m flare added to the A47 westbound approach to provide additional capacity for left turning traffic to Welland Road

• A dedicated left turn lane from the A47 eastbound to the A16 northbound

These works have been proposed by Milestone Infrastructure Ltd and have been designed to “tackle congestion and improve journey times along the A16 and on the primary approaches to the A16/A47/Welland Road roundabout.

“Support Peterborough’s growth agenda to ensure that the planned employment and housing growth at Norwood can be realised and limit impact on the local environment and improve biodiversity through mitigating any adverse environmental impacts of the proposed scheme and ensuring a biodiversity net gain is achieved.”

It is hoped that the works will also positively impact traffic conditions on the wider network, improve road safety and improve sustainable transport infrastructure.

An application has now been put to Peterborough City Council for planners to advise whether an Environmental Impact Assessment will be required as part of the plans.

To read more about the plans, visit the council’s planning portal and search using reference: 21/00015/SCREEN.