Peterborough council reviewing roadworks as traffic grinds to a stop in city due to number of schemes

Peterborough City Council are reviewing what steps can be taken to reduce the gridlock caused by the number of roadwork schemes being carried out in the city.

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 19th November 2021, 3:23 pm
Lane closure at the Town Bridge. EMN-211110-144652009
Lane closure at the Town Bridge. EMN-211110-144652009

There are currently a number of major projects being carried out across the city, causing long delays and frustrations for drivers, especially during peak times.

A review is now taking place - and drivers are being urged to use both lanes in the run up to roadworks to ease the congestion.

During rush hours, the city centre gets snarled up as traffic backs up from Town Bridge, where a lane closure is in place.

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And drivers trying to find a way round on the parkways also have found their journey slowed, with projects taking place .

A 24-hour one-lane closure was put in place on the A1139 in Peterborough for routine repairs to safety barriers between junctions 8 (Eye Roundabout) and 5 (Boongate) on Sunday, 31 October, with the closure set to last until Wednesday, 17 November.

Then, from Friday, 19 November, the location of the 24-hour safety barrier repair work will switch to the area between junctions 5 and 3 on the A605. The works are due to end of Tuesday, 7 December.

In October, work started to replace a footbridge over the A47 at Longthorpe, between junction 15 and 16.

The scheme will see roadworks in place for seven months, with whole weekend closures of the A47 planned for the new year.

There are more works taking place on Lincoln Road. The road was shut from Tuesday 26 October, with roadworks on Lincoln Road from the A47 (J18) to Mounsteven Avenue, alongside the Brotherhood Retail Park.

From November 1, there were a number of phased road closures for two weeks to carry out resurfacing works.

The variety of works all taking place at the same time, angry motorists have vented their rage on social media, asking why all the road works are taking place at the same time - rather than being spread out over the year.

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said: “We are currently reviewing what measures can be taken to mitigate the impacts of the existing works and associated lane closures, for example at Town Bridge and on the Frank Perkins Parkway. We are aware that the closure of the A1 on Tuesday impacted on traffic in the south of Peterborough which exacerbated the congestion on our network.

“The city council and its highways provider Milestone Infrastructure has a lot of key road schemes happening throughout the year and, while we can try to ensure they are spaced apart, this is not always possible as projects such as these run for many months and we also have pressures including the resource and with the availability of materials.

“We wish to remind drivers that they should use both lanes when queuing at the approach to roadworks as this reduces the overall length of the queue on the network and may alleviate congestion further back on the network.”