End of the line for Peterborough to Spalding shuttle after 50 years

Shuttle services between Peterborough and Spalding have come to an end after 50 years.

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 8:42 am

Previously, the service ran between the two places in the mornings and evenings - outside of direct journeys between Peterborough and Lincoln (which include a stop in Spalding).

However, under changes introduced on Monday by East Midlands Railway, all journeys taking in Spalding will now be on the direct Peterborough to Lincoln service which will run for longer periods of the day.

Spalding had previously been a victim of the Beeching cuts to the railway until the shuttle was introduced on June 7, 1971.

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This was initially just for one journey in the morning rush hour and another in the evening rush hour.

Over time, the number of journeys increased with more stations being introduced.

Pre-lockdown, the first Peterborough to Spalding shuttle left the city on weekdays at 6.32am, with services between the two places continuing until 8.32am when the Peterborough to Lincoln service would begin.

Later on in the day, the final Peterborough to Lincoln service would begin at 4.25pm, with shuttles between Peterborough and Spalding then resuming from 5.32pm until 8.30pm.

The Peterborough to Spalding shuttle service has come to an end. Photo used with permission of Martin Jones

This was largely replicated on Saturdays, but not Sundays.

From the start of this week, trains between Peterborough and Lincoln began at 6.32am, with the last service from 11.10pm.

The information was provided by local rail enthusiast Andrew Hensley, who said: “Whilst it’s sad that almost 50 years of Peterborough-Spalding shuttles have ended, the replacement timetable with many more trains over a far greater period of the day to Lincoln is a game changer for this line, albeit some people will bemoan the lack of a Sunday service.

“When life settles down and I start going on courses in Lincoln again I will be using the train rather than driving as has been the case before.”

A spokesperson for East Midlands Railway said: “Previously, we operated several Peterborough to Spalding ‘shuttles’ in the morning and evening, however, the new timetable has meant that these shuttles can be replaced by full Peterborough to Lincoln/Doncaster services.

“We haven’t actually lost any services (in fact, we have gained several), as services between the two stations now run almost hourly throughout the day (and then go on to Lincoln and Doncaster).”