Council awarded £500k to upgrade traffic signals at Peterborough junction

Peterborough City Council has been awarded £500,000 to upgrade traffic signals at a busy city centre junction.

Sunday, 9th January 2022, 4:58 am
The junction of Lincoln Road and Taverners Road, Peterborough which is due for improvements.

The funding has been awarded to the council from the Department for Transport’s Traffic Signals Fund.

The plan that has been recommended by officers is to use the money to upgrade the signals at the Lincoln Road/ Taverners Road junction.

The site has been identified as one in need of an upgrade and one that suffers from significant congestion and delays during peak periods.

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The measures that are to be considered are:

- Controlled crossings on each of the three arms of the junction, where there is currently only one.

- Bus priority and Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) displays – linking to an existing city-wide RTPI system

- ASL, advanced green, low-level cycle signal heads

- MOVA or Smart Junction – to improve the efficiency of the junction and reduce pedestrian waiting time.

- Detectors to monitor pedestrian density at crossing points to adjust green man times.

- Installation of Vivacity sensors to capture ped/cycle behaviour/desire lines to inform design.

Planning documents state: “This funding provides a real opportunity to upgrade one of the older and larger signalised junctions in Peterborough.

“The site infrastructure dates back to March 1997, and the junction suffers from significant congestion and delay in the peak periods. The junction is a key-link within the city’s transport network, providing an east-west link across the north of the city centre, and Lincoln Road provides an important north-south link, particularly for public transport. It is a large complex junction to improve.

“By improving the public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure at this site, it will assist in improving the quality of life for local residents by creating a greater travel choice and improving accessibility to employment and services for nearby residential areas suffering from deprivation.”

The final decision in not expected until January 14.