A white BMW was retrieved from water next to Twenty Foot Road in March.

Car rescued from water at side of Fenland road

Emergency services recovered a car from water at the side of a Fenland road this morning (September 14).

The white BMW was pulled from water along the side of Twenty Foot Road in March.

Emergency servies arrived on the scene and were able to establish that it was a vehicle that they were already aware was in the water.

Crews then checked the rest of the water for cars and retrieved the vehicle.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “This morning we had a call to a vehicle in water on the Twenty Foot Road opposite Greysmoor Drove.

“Multiple Emergency Services attended the scene. Once emergency crews arrived on scene it was established that it was a vehicle we were aware of.

“Emergency crews checked the river to make sure there were no other vehicles in the water.

“Due to the vehicle being visible from the road today we have recovered the vehicle under Road Traffic Act powers.”

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