Spalding historic sex abuse case victim finds happiness

One of the victims of sex beast scout leader and policeman John Edward Bates is still rebuilding his life.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 3:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 4:58 pm
Recovering historic child sex abuse victim Stuart Brown with his new love, Julie Richardson. SG240516-138TW

Stuart Brown (49) has waived his legal right to anonymity to speak publicly about horrors inflicted by Bates, the stress of the long battle to bring the case to court and to offer a way forward for other child sex abuse victims who may be suffering in silence.

He’s also spoken about the new love in his life, Julie Richardson, and the wedding they plan at the end of August when Julie’s sons, Matt (29) and Dan (25), will give their mum away.

Stuart said: “The happiness I have found with Julie is unknown in my life.

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Stuart Brown has found happiness with Julie Richardson and the couple will marry at the end of August.

“We will be happy to be surrounded by supportive friends, people who have supported us over the last couple of years – and just to have a nice, wonderful day and just make it special.”

Stuart still suffers flashbacks that take him back to painful memories of the abuse inflicted by Bates, who was last week caged for 20 years for sexual abuse of Stuart and three others.

In court, Stuart described Bates as “the Jimmy Savile of the Scouting world” and said the Scout leader had put him “in a prison of fear, absolute shame and guilt all my life”.

In his victim impact statement Stuart recalled how he was a “jibbering wreck” two years ago.

Stuart Brown has found happiness with Julie Richardson and the couple will marry at the end of August.

He continued: “After two years of intensive weekly therapy I have been able to stand here in the witness box and give my evidence in a confident manner.

“This I believe is the beginning of the end of my 40-year sentence of prolific rape, torture and mental living hell.

“I have been taken to some extremely dark places mentally and emotionally and without the love and support of my fiancee Julie and my therapist Ian Best I may never have made it.

“I woke on the day to give evidence and my first thought was ‘freedom’ and that is how I feel – but still with a way to go to fully recover.

“The monster before you is the Jimmy Savile of the Scouting world.

“He has shown no remorse, no regrets, no shame and never apologised.

“I have lived in a prison of fear, absolute shame and guilt all my life – but no longer.

“His victims should be commended for having the courage to speak out – something that has screamed inside me for years.

“I thank the (Lincolnshire Police) Emerald Team for someone from the police to finally show some compassion and empathy and treat me as a human being – in particular DS Tim Wilkinson, DI Simon Lovett and PC Melissa Ablett.

“I would need a month or more to write the entire 
impact of this horrendous experience he’s had over me – both at the time it happened and now going through the two-and-a-half years to get to trial, misery, disastrous, massive, huge are just a few of the words off the top of my head.

“It has totally destroyed my family – elder and younger generations included.

“As far as I am concerned he (Bates) cannot go away for long enough (with my) having to stand here and recount the most personal details because Bates is too much of a coward to admit his guilt – the cost cannot be underestimated.

“I have been afraid to cry for longer than I can remember because my biggest fear is I will not be able to stop. I have phobias about sperm, sweat, body odour and more.

“I am determined that this is now the start of my real life – not the one that was cruelly and systematically taken away from me without my consent or understanding. To listen earlier to what he also did to other victims was an extremely harrowing and haunting experience – I feel for those lost children and offer them any help they may require to end their nightmare. I relived their pain.”

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