Uncertainty leaves St Michael's Gate neighbours upset

A neighbour of the 74 residents being evicted from St Michael's Gate says the uncertainty of who will be replacing them is making her worried.

Saturday, 12th November 2016, 9:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:58 pm
Works are going on at St Michael's Gate, with some homes being turned into Houses of Multiple Occupation

Dot Haynes, chair of the Parnwell Residents’ Association, said residents at Finchfield were worried about the value of their bungalows going down, with homeless people set to move in just yards away.

Dot said: “The neighbours have been so good and we never had any trouble from them, not that I’m saying there will be trouble from anybody else.

“I’m absolutely upset not knowing what’s going to happen. We are all elderly up here and all get on.

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“Who knows what is our future here. It’s the uncertainty of what’s going to happen that makes me worried.”

Homeless people are being moved into the properties which will be used by Peterborough City Council as temporary accommodation.

The council is paying housing firm Stef & Philips nearly £1 million a year to use the properties.

Homeless people moving into St Michael’s Gate will be replaced when they are found a permanent home, and Dot added: “We won’t even get the chance to get to know them because they might not be here that long.

“I’m worried and very upset. I’m disabled and I need to be where I am. I don’t want to move. I’ve been here 15 years as have most of the people who live around this area.

“Who are these people? We do not know them. What are they going to be like? You have to hold your breath and hope for the best.”