Theresa May's advisors to get £35,000 pay out each-and ex-Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson is not happy about it

Theresa May's senior advisers Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill will receive payouts of around £35,000 each '“ despite senior Tory MPs accusing them of being responsible for the party's poor electoral performance.

Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 12:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 12:35 pm
Stewart Jackson

The aides, who resigned from their roles following the General Election result, were earning a salary of around £140,000, making them entitled to severance pay equivalent to three months’ pay.

The generous payout rubbed salt into the wounds of some Conservative politicians who lost their seats. Especially those who felt the pair had been responsible for their failure - including Stewart Jackson.

Mr Jackson, who lost his Peterborough seat after Thursday’s election said: “Hope Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill enjoy the £35k redundo for [less than] a year in Downing St.

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“I’m getting half that for 12 years’ service in the Commons.”

Mr Jackson received some backlash for his comment, with one person saying: “It’s not normal for a Tory to worry about their own kitty when the country’s in trouble.”

The former MP replied: “You have 35 followers Richard. Syphilis is more popular than you. Bye. Blocked.”

The election, which was aimed at increasing the Conservative majority in the Commons, resulted in the party having 13 fewer MPs.

Former aide to Mrs May, Kate Perrior said the atmosphere was “toxic” in Downing Street when it was run by Timothy and Hill, calling them “streetfighters” and adding: “They only really know one way to operate and that is to have enemies. I’m sure I’m one of them this morning.”