Ruling Peterborough Conservatives announce ‘champions’ for issues including climate change, disability and dementia

The ruling Conservative administration at Peterborough City Council has announced new ‘champions’ for the forthcoming year.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 12:10 pm

Councillors from the group will look to promote eight different issues. These are:

. Climate change – Cllr Nicolle Moyo (champion)

. Neighbourhood Watch – Cllr Chris Burbage

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The Conservatives celebrating the recent local election results which saw them gain a seat

. Dementia - Cllr Chaz Fenner

. Children and families – Cllr Jackie Allen

. Rural – Cllr David Over

. Education – Cllr Scott Warren

. Culture, leisure and sport – Cllr Ishfaq Hussain

. Disability – Cllr Bryan Tyler.

Outlining the role of the champions, council and Conservative deputy leader Cllr Steve Allen said: “The idea is lots of the people on the group are on the Cabinet or are Cabinet advisers or chairs of various committees. This gives them a sense of responsibilty and purpose.

“Sometimes if you are a backbencher, unless you have a role you can be a little out of the loop.

“Our thought on having champions is it means people have something they can achieve and hold officers and fellow councillors to task on.

“If they are not happy about something they can take it to a committee meeting or table a question at Full Council and they can keep in touch with the Cabinet member.”

The Conservatives currently hold 29 of the 60 seats at the council.