Peterborough given £162,000 to protect and vaccinate rough sleepers

Peterborough has been given £162,000 to help protect and vaccinate rough sleepers in the city.

By Stephen Briggs
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 11:30 am
The funding will help protect and vaccinate rough sleepers in the city
The funding will help protect and vaccinate rough sleepers in the city

The Protect and Vaccinate scheme is supported by funding from government to provide emergency accommodation and help increase vaccine uptake among people who are homeless and sleeping rough.

The scheme is split into two different sections: £143,452 to help provide accommodation for rough sleepers in the city, and £18,558 to encourage them to get vaccinated.

Presently, 36 individuals are being accommodated under this scheme, and 18 of these would not have been eligible for any other assistance. Thirteen of these people have currently been vaccinated.

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Peterborough City Council will be looking at ways to encourage those hesitant to receive their vaccinations but these may include delivering mobile vaccinations and supporting outreach work in shelters to educate people about the dangers of the virus.

It is the latest part of the government’s mission to protect everyone from the threat of Omicron, with people being urged to get their vaccines and booster jabs - which continue to be the best way to protect against COVID-19.

Councillor Steve Allen said: “In the wake of a surge in COVID-19 cases and a new variant, we have an even greater responsibility to protect vulnerable people. I’m very pleased to announce this funding today, to make sure as many people as possible are vaccinated and that we can protect people sleeping rough and put a roof over their heads.”